Halloween Treats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Frightfully good Halloween treats have materialized at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! These themed desserts add extra fun to a touring day at one of our favorite parks in Disney World!

Bat Cupcake

Halloween Treats All Over the Park!

Head over to Tusker House in the Harambe Village section of Animal Kingdom to find Mini Pumpkin Muffins, a Spider Web Brownie, and Lemon Bars with Pumpkin Decor. These will be part of the lunch and dinner buffet at Tusker House!

Next door at Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery, you’ll find Pumpkin Muffins, Ghoulish Krispy Treats, Spider Web Brownies, and, my favorite — the Bat Cupcake! I’m so glad these are back this year!!! Click the link to check out my review.

Over at Camp Minnie-Mickey, you’ll be able to check out the Witches Funnel Cake at Camp Snacks Kiosk and [Read more…]

Guest Review: Disney’s Worms & Dirt Cupcake for Earth Day!

In honor of Disney World’s Limited Time Magic events for “Earth Week,” guests have access to a few new “earthy” treats in the parks!

The best one, in my opinion, is the Worms & Dirt Cupcake featuring a teensy flower pot on top!

Worms & Dirt Cupcake in Disney World

My good friend Daniel Wanderman has been touring the parks this week and was lucky enough to get a taste — check it out! (Love the choice of setting here, Daniel — The Victory Garden in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!)

The perfect place for Worms & Dirt! The Victory Garden in Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Here’s what Daniel has to say…

The worms & dirt cupcake debuted today at Fairfax Fare on Sunset blvd. This fun cupcake honors Earth week by mimicking the traditional “worms in dirt” dessert with a few twists. This one takes a chocolate cupcake and tops it with a ring of frosting. But why stop there?

The frosting is powdered with cake crumbs (dirt!), chocolate sprinkles (more dirt?), and garnished with gummy worms, a candy flower pot, and chocolate candy flowers. The best part is a delicious chocolate pudding surprise inside.

Close up of the Worms & Dirt Cupcake!

As a vegetarian and avid gelatin avoider, I pushed the gummy worms and sprinkles aside and dug right into the pudding center. The pudding was cold and delicious, which was quite refreshing on a hot, humid, park hopping Disney day.

It reminded me of the My-T-Fine pudding mom used to [Read more…]