Happy Holidays from Disney Food Blog!

Welp, it’s that time of year. Time for Yule Logs and fireplaces, coziness and relaxation, family and friends and fun.

And Bacon?

Yep! We found some folks who made watching the fire in the fireplace just a leeeeetle bit better this year, and I wanted to share!

We wish you the happiest and most appetizing of holidays

from all of us here at DFB!

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Snack Series: Yule Log at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I just got back from a Disney World trip and BOY do I have a ton to share with you!! From new holiday goodies to in-depth reviews, we’ve got a lot of delicious food coming your way. But first up — I had to tell you about this awesome Yule Log at Kusafiri Bakery in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Yule Log

During my regular “casing” of Animal Kingdom on this trip, I found a few new holiday goodies at Kusafiri. There’s a red-and-green frosted chocolate brownie, a few holiday cookies, and the Yule Log, which I couldn’t wait to try!

Kusafiri eats

I snagged one and headed for my regular “photography” table nearby. :-) Check out the detail on this thing! I love the dusting of “snow,” and the holiday star sprinkles.

Yule Log

The “bark” is made up of dark chocolate shavings, which give the treat [Read more…]