Vegan Dining in Disney World

Yes, vegans can eat well in WDW too, however it seems much easier to do so at table service rather than counter service meals. When making your ADRS, clearly note your restrictions (no eggs, no meat, no dairy, etc). For snacks, try popcorn (butter flavoring is reportedly animal-free), fruit cups, carrots, celery and pretzels.

Boma Vegan Dessert

Suggested Restaurants
Boma (ask a Chef to show you the buffet options), California Grill (stir fry), Chef Mickey’s (stir fry), Citricos (artisan bread, fresh fruit salad, pasta with marinara sauce), Sanaa (bread service, salads), Crystal Palace (pasta salad, lemon rice), Marrakesh (no-butter couscous, veggies), Whispering Canyon Cafe (quinoa cakes with red pepper coulis over frisee lettuce and roasted fingerling potatoes, tortilla chips for crunch and a fresh made salsa),

Vegan Dining in Disney World

Personal Experiences

Reader Jean: Yak and Yeti in Asia has Vegetable Lo Mein on menu to which you can add Tofu. However, they will substitute Tofu for any meat dish on menu. I’ve had Bourbon Tofu, Sweet ‘n Sour Tofu, Honey Tofu and Miso glazed Tofu (instead of the Salmon) which was fantastic! Also the Maple Tamarind chicken made with Tofu instead is really good. For an appy, the wok-fried green beans are vegan. You can get some of these at their quick service next door because they share same kitchen.

Reader Diane O.: I love your Blog. I see you have a blog on eating vegan in Disney. I wanted to share my experience with you. We go almost yearly to Disney. Last summer we brought my son’s girlfriend who is a vegan. We made our reservations online and noted that she was a vegan. We tried to call the restaurants a week in advance but were told it was not necessary. When we got there we asked to speak to the chefs and they all came out to talk to her but some of them were not notified in advance and did not have items to make a vegan meal.

I did call when I got back to tell them about the problem. We would like to go back but I am afraid that we will have the same problem.

Editor’s Note: We recommend being adamant about arranging vegan dining prior to arrival when placing a call to Special Diets. Request a consultation with a chef, if needed!

For more information, visit our Special Diets Resources Page.

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