DFB Video: Epcot CANDY Challenge!

Well, the start of a new week is always a bit challenging, but we’re back with another DFB Video today that we hope adds some fun to your day: it’s our Epcot CANDY Challenge!

Epcot's Germany Pavilion

Epcot’s Germany Pavilion

I mean, THAT’S a challenge we can all get on board with, right? We’re taking you all around World Showcase AND Future World to show you selections of candy from all around the globe that you can include on YOUR Epcot Candy Challenge! And you never know… you may find a new favorite that you had never heard of before! So join us on a tour for LOTS of the sweet stuff in Epcot today (and grab a pen and paper… or your smartphone :) ) to prepare your list as you get ready to watch our latest DFB YouTube Video!

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So check out the video and then let us know: Do you enjoy trying various candies from around the world while in Epcot?


  1. Marc says

    Love this video — would have never thought of this as a challenge! (Did I miss America?)

  2. Essie says

    I’d like to try the Norwegian Troika bar and the filled cones in Japan. I’ve spent significant time in Britain and I can’t tell you how much candy you can buy in so many places! The Cadbury orange chocolate is very good. But my favorite Epcot candy place was left out! I love almost everything in the Karamel Kuche!! Another very enjoyable video, AJ! Keep them coming, please!

  3. Topher Kersting says

    I’ve been doing this forever. The orange chocolates in the UK are my favorite (the eight-pack of orange Club bars being great for sharing or, in my case, rationing between trips), but the joy of getting something weird and wonderful–usually from Japan–never gets old. Definitely a great way to take kids around the world.

  4. Lisa says

    We tried to do this once. By the time we got to American Pavilion, we were done…I guess we are candy lightweights :D

  5. Rebecca B says

    I did candy around the world when I was there in January and it was SO much fun! Those White Rabbit Milk candies from China were a surprise for me. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked them but they really grew on me. I was happy to find I can also get them at home in my local Cost Plus World Market.

    I really liked the Troika from Norway, but my husband didn’t like it all. We discovered, in a bunch of our treats that I really like marzipan, but it just isn’t his thing. Those chocolates from Italy are CRAZY GOOD. We tried several of them and they were all amazing. They were a bit pricey, but so good. If you’re doing this with all adults, the Germany pavilion also has come chocolates filled with cognac or liqueurs over by where they sell wine and those were really good too.

    We did our candy challenge in tandem with an Epcot scavenger hunt (it was the Festival of the Arts Figment one) and then took our candy home to enjoy after our vacation. It helps take the edge off the post-vacation sadness when you have a ton of candy to try.

  6. Kirst says

    I misread the heading and got so excited when I saw Cotton Candy challenge. I’ve been searching for unique flavored cotton candy at Disney world ever since the lime and orange flavors at F&W last year. If you know any others the standard could you create a challenge around that?

  7. Katie says

    We love getting candy from Epcot! Especially the Japan pavillion. Our favorites from Japan are Hi-chews, Salted Caramel Pocky, rice candy, and Melty Blends (seasonal). So good!

  8. Melissa says

    So fun! Can’t wait to try this next trip. Would love a PDF list so I can download it to my phone for checking the candy off easily in each country.

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