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  1. I was eating at Rose & Crown years ago it was so good I had the best fish and chips I ever had it was a quaint place . The plate was big I did finish but even the price was great .

  2. What a wonderful job you have 🙂
    Another fantastic review- only thing I wish Disney would do is to not call the minced beef and mash combo “Shepherd’s Pie”… shepherd’s watch sheep not cows, and so it should be made with lamb mince as far as any Brits are concerned. What they have on the menu is classed as COTTAGE PIe. Bigger issues in the world, I know, but I had to mention it.
    Dining at the UK’s Rose and Crown is always fun- but the menu needs a much needed overhaul .
    I’m not sure how many pubs have a beautiful floor like that either… but I guess an authentic sticky old carpet or tiles would be a health issue haha .

  3. We haven’t eaten at Rose and Crown in years. Your review made me immediately book a table for our May vacation. Can’t wait!

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