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  1. When I planned my trip, I didn’t realize I had planned it for over Labor Day and 9/11. Other than the parks closing earlier on the latter, what should I expect?

  2. DJ Moves, Labor Day weekend itself will likely be busier, but otherwise, I don’t think you’ll notice much difference in operations.

  3. Just watched a vlog, it was a walk through the Animal Kingdom. It was horrendous. Huge crowds and the lines for attractions were unbelievably long. Over 1 1/2 hours for Navi River ! Again this was just a walk through the park and no other wait times were provided. People waiting in all the extra long attraction lines looked unhappy. I didn’t see any smiles or happy faces. If WDW doesn’t reestablish Fast Pass I can’t see going to the parks in the future especially during the busy holidays and after October 1st. I learned that the history of Fast Pass participants was 80% and the stand by lines accommodated 20% of the crowds. The system seemed to work very effectively for the slow and busy times. It’ is getting beyond time to bring back Fast Pass or a comparble system. Apparently, Disney is either not aware of the lines and wait times or just not concerned since their attendance is up. I just don’ t understand Disney’s thinking. It certainly isn’t with The customer’s comfort or their experience.

    walk through of Animal Kingdom. It made me rethink

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