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  1. Will be visiting Disney World December 27-Jan 3. Seems restaurants such as Cinderella Royal Table, Hollywood & Vine, Rain-forest (Disney Springs) have no availability any suggestion as how to be able to secure a reservation? Is there a waiting list? I presume a lot of people may be making reservation thinking of going and then cancel at the last moment so I am hoping on some insights from you and I enjoy receiving you periodic emails, Great Job!!

  2. Bonjour je souhaiterais réserver 3 adultes à goofy’s california anaheim pour le 8 janvier 2022 à 8h30

  3. Salvatore Gianvecchio, the best approach is to keep checking; as you said, guests tend to adjust their plans and drop ADRs leading up to their trips, so you may catch one that way. I would think Cinderella’s Royal Table and Hollywood & Vine may be more difficult to find (CRT in particular), but Rainforest Cafe seems like it should be doable. (Also check OpenTable for that one, just in case it shows there.) When you’re onsite, you can check the Walk-Up Waitlist in My Disney Experience. Perhaps you will grab one that way if you haven’t found it ahead of time.

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