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In recent months, there have been a number of It’s a Small World-themed food items spotted in the parks, most notably an absolutely gorgeous teapot and mugs set.


Disney Partners with Charity to Help End Child Hunger

But beyond just decoration, Disney is now using the It’s a Small World brand to help a wonderful food-related charity: Feed Projects.

Feed is an organization that works to support programs and organizations dedicated to eliminating hunger and malnutrition in the world, particularly among children. It’s a Small World is a perfect fit for this mission. A percentage of sales of special Feed/Small World items goes to supporting projects to end hunger.

Back in July, Disney Food Blog mentioned one of the Feed merchandise items, the Feed Our Small World cookbook. Sales of the cookbook will allow Feed to provide Vitamin A supplements for 450,000 children for a year. The book is available in the parks and through Amazon.com.

The Disney Store retail locations are carrying tee-shirts for children and tote bags for mom, embellished with the Feed Our Small World logo.

Child's tee

Feed our Small World tote

As the hang-tag for the shirt states, through the end of 2011, each purchase of a Feed/Small World garment will result in a $3.00 donation to UNICEF’s nutrition programs.

Feed Our Small World merchandise can also be found at Nordstrom’s and Nordstrom.com in the children’s department. Some items include tees, bibs, and infant pants.

Tee from Nordstrom's

Infant outfit

Again, proceeds from these items benefit children’s food-related charities. While you’re shopping, you may also want to check out the unbelievably cute It’s A Small World Tom’s brand shoes for children at Nordstrom’s. These are not foodie, but they do benefit a children’s charity.

Tom's It's a Small World shoes for kids, several other prints available

I’m thrilled to see Disney using their brand power to benefit hungry children. Are any of these items going to be your holiday shopping list this season?

Erin Foster is the Disney Food for Families columnist and a behind-the-scenes guru here at Disney Food Blog! Check out more of her posts here.


  1. marcellina says

    I’m planning on buying the teapot and aren’t there plates that come with it? I can’t purchase them online though (as far as I know?) so I have to wait until February when I am in the parks… and I agree, those shoes are so cute! I’d wear a pair myself if they came in adult sizes!

  2. Feed the Birds says

    This is heartening to see. Many times we who love and appreciate great food put out of our minds the fact that many people lack nutritious food and that many people go hungry, no longer just in far-away countries but now even in our own nation.

  3. Devin says

    This is so fantastic! I love the charity idea behind it, and it’s wonderful that “it’s a small world” is finally getting some more merchandise! My only question is, why on earth are those Toms not made in adult sizes!? lol…

  4. Elana says

    @Marcelina, just wanted to give you a heads up that you may want to try calling the parks directly to order the teapot. My sister called up the other day to find out if they still had any left at Downtown Disney at Disneyland. We live an hour away and she was going to drive down and buy it. The woman she spoke to happened to be at Disney World, but she was able to look it up on her computer and told my sister that they were sold out at Disneyland, but that she could order it from Disney World, which she did.

    @Devin, depending on your shoe size you can order the Toms directly from the Toms website. Their youth sizes run up to the equivalent of a woman’s size 8.5!

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