Free 2018 Disney Vacation Planning Video!

What? Free and Disney in the same sentence? Yep! This is a legit Disney freebie that will 1) Give you awesome background info for starting your vacation planning, 2) Give you a tiny taste of the magic anytime you need it, and 3) MAY put you in the mix for one of Disney’s exclusive resort discount pin codes!

Just click the image below, enter your info, and start watching your free planning video for Disney World or Disneyland!

It’s 100% free — no strings attached. CLICK THE IMAGE DIRECTLY BELOW to dive into the magic! 

The best part? There’s NO WAITING!! I can remember back in the day when I’d order the free video (yep — they’ve been doing these for, like, 20 years!), and I’d have to wait forever to get it in the mail. Now, when you click on that image, you get taken directly to the official Disney World website to sign up and WATCH RIGHT NOW! AAAAAH! I would have given anything for this technology back then! My Disney fix immediately? Yes pls. (Of course you CAN get it in the mail if you’d like :-D.)

And another benefit? When you sign up to get the video, Disney may add you to the list of guests who get discounts through email (like the elusive PIN CODE hotel discount, free dining, and more!). This is not guaranteed, but it’s a definite possibility. After all, if Disney doesn’t know you’re there, how can they send you discount codes?

Scenes from the Planning Videos! :-D

Scenes from the Planning Videos! :-D

New to Disney or a Veteran Planner?

New to Disney? For those who are new, this is all the information you’ll need to lay the groundwork for further research and planning. It will also get you SUUUUUPER excited about your upcoming trip. Believe me. Plus, there’s the potential for discount codes. Everyone wants to save money…and you don’t have to spend a cent to throw your hat into the ring with this offer.

Veteran Planner? If you’ve been there, done that, you’re still looking for your Disney fix. Admit it. ;-D And this video will give that to you in spades. Also, I don’t know about you, but even though I go to Disney World about 7 times per year, I still learn about new things and am reminded of things I haven’t done in toooooo long when I watch this video. When’s the last time you rode Crush ‘N’ Gusher, hmm? That’s what I thought.  ;-D

I have fond memories of getting the video years ago and watching it over and over again just to catch a glimpse of the resort I was staying in, or an attraction I was so excited to ride. But, you know what? I STILL get this video every single year, because each year there’s new info, new details, and new sneak peeks at great things at the Disney parks and resorts. And while I still love watching, I’m amazed at how much MORE information there is in the video now than there was back then! It amazes me that it’s still FREE…when there’s so much information in it.

Ready to Start Planning?

If you’re ready to start your planning, click on that image above and get going. You can also start your planning right here with DFB by joining our newsletter (it’s free, and we send you info about discounts there, too ;-D) or purchasing one of our awesome DFB Guides to WDW Dining over at! Use code 30SALE for a discount on any item or bundle in the store today!

No matter where — HAVE FUN!