Disney Dining FAQ

Welcome to the Disney Food Blog Reference Section! Over the next few months, I’ll be filling this page with links to reference pages about everything you need to know to plan your dining in the Disney Parks and Resorts.


For 490 pages worth of details about Disney Dining, including everything we have below, check out our Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book!


Disney World Restaurant Search Tool

We developed this tool so that you could narrow your search to the restaurants that fit YOUR family. Use this tool to search Disney World restaurants based on criteria that’s important to you and your vacation style! Check out the Disney World Restaurant Search Tool

Disney World Restaurants and Menus Index:

Disney World Restaurants Guide

Disneyland Restaurants and Menus Index:

Disneyland Restaurants Guide

Disney World Restaurant Search Tool

Use this tool to search Disney World restaurants based on dozens of criteria!

Disney Dining Plans

Disney World Dining Plans Overview

Disney World Dining Plan FAQ

Disneyland Dining Plans

Planning and Booking Dining Arrangements

Making Advanced Dining Reservations in Disney Parks and Resorts

Disney Dining Discounts

Walt Disney World

Tables in Wonderland

Disney World Dining Discounts for Annual Passholders

Mousesavers’ Dining Discounts Page


Disneyland Dining Discounts for Annual Passholders

Disney Visa Dining Discounts

Mousesavers’ Dining Discounts Page

Best Disney World Restaurants

Some Disney restaurants are better in certain circumstances than others. For example, if you don’t have a dining reservation, if you want a really great milkshake, or if you’re vegetarian, there are going to be some restaurant choices that are better than others. Here’s our list of which Disney World restaurants are the best in certain situations.

Best Disney World Restaurants

Disney World Character Meals

Check out our breakdown of how to figure out what character meal in Disney World is right for your family.

Refillable Mugs

Wondering about the ins and outs of the refillable mugs you can purchase in the Disney resorts and food courts? Here’s everything you need to know.

Special Diets

Visit our Special Diets Resources Page for information on eating at Disney destinations with dietary concerns.

Ordering a Disney World Cake

Learn how to order a WDW cake for your special occasion! See your Cake Options by Location.

Tipping in Disney Restaurants

Check out our suggestions, tips, and tricks for Tipping in Disney Restaurants.

Disney Dining Dress Codes

Ever wonder how you should dress for venues like signature dining restaurants, princess meals, and Victoria and Albert’s? Here’s a primer on dress codes in Disney restaurants.

Disney’s Food and Wine Festivals

Information about past and upcoming Food and Wine Festivals in California and Florida can be found over on the Disney’s Food and Wine Festivals Information Page.

Dining Tips From Disney World Moms Panelists

Our Walt Disney World Moms Panel Mini-Series index page includes tips on great Disney dining values, underrated Disney World restaurants, where to dine with your kids in Disney, and more!

Ordering Items From Disney World

If you would like to order an item from Walt Disney World, including cookbooks, please contact Walt Disney World Mail Order/Merchandise Guest Services at 407-363-6200 wdw.mail.order@disneyworld.com to place an order. If sending an e-mail, reference the SKU number(s) for the item you’re ordering (if possible), and give as many details as possible about the item and where in Walt Disney World it can be found. DelivEARS email is merchandiseguestservices@disney.go.com.

Requesting Recipes From Disney World

If you’re looking for a certain recipe you’ve seen on Disney Food Blog, check out our Disney Recipes page or simply search the site (via the search box on the right) for the item you’d like to see.

If you can’t find the recipe here, there are dozens of Disney websites that painstakingly publish Disney recipes from the parks and resorts. Simply google the name of the dish you’re looking for, along with the word “recipe,” and you’d be surprised with what you come up with!

If you’ve searched the web to no avail, consider leafing through some Disney cookbooks. There are several in bookstores and in Disney World shops.

If that’s a no go, consider contacting Disney guest services ((407) 939-6244); explain the situation to the person you’re speaking with, and see if they’re able to help you. Or, try emailing your request to guest.mail@wdw.disneyonline.com (Thanks to Barbara V. for this suggestion!).

When you’re at the bottom of the barrel, find someone who’s going to Disney World and ask them to request the desired recipe from the restaurant. Disney chefs are noteworthy for being willing to share their recipes; often, they’ll ask for your email and send it your way right away.