Disney Holiday Kitchen Goodies at Target!

Browsing Target today, I came across a cute display of Mickey and friends holiday kitchenware by Zak! Designs.  Prices range from just $2.99 for a small 8 oz cup to $14.99 for the largest item, the footed Mickey popcorn bowl.

Footed Mickey Popcorn Bowl

I think that popcorn bowl is my favorite, but here are a few other cute items I found!

3 Part Serving Tray

Small Mickey & Minnie Plates

Holiday Mickey & Friends Kitchenware Display at Target

8 oz Tumblers with Floating Sparkles and Mickey Head Confetti

8 oz Hot Cocoa Tumblers

12 oz Tumblers Topped with Mickey Ears

Snowglobe Cups

22 oz Tumblers

3 Piece Meal Time Set

Mickey Shaped Small Plates

"Cereal" Sized Bowls

Three Part Medium Sized "Chip n' Dip" Style Mickey Bowls

4 Pack of Mickey Hand Appetizer Plates and Small 3 Part Bowl

Set of 4 Mickey Spreaders

Mickey & Friends Serving Tray/Platter

Mickey & Minnie Salt and Pepper Shakers

In case you are wondering where in your local Target store these fun items are located, I found them on an end cap of a small seasonal section in the kitchen accessories area. It may vary from Target to Target. I think I need to go back for the popcorn bowl, love it!

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  1. Tracy says

    My sister bought me the 3 compartment Mickey head-shaped bowl last year — and I snatched the little 3 part snack tray & the serving platter up two weeks ago!

    Yay for Mickey themed stuff in my kitchen!

  2. Jenn says

    Love these! I have a set of the small plates and the 22 oz tumblers, LOVE these! I also have the Villains set they had this fall. Target has GREAT Disney products!

  3. Kristi says

    I have the black three bowl Mickey head. It looked so cute mixed in with all my holiday serving pieces at my cookie exchange yesterday. It holds a lot of munchies!

  4. melissa sue says

    I LOVE that they’re bringing the pie-eyed Mickey and Minnie back!! All this new merch makes me so happy. At my Target, we also saw 16 month Disney calendars in the $1 bin earlier today. They were also pie-eyed!

  5. says

    Saw these too ! I just had to pick them up for my daughter’s engagement party! They got engaged on The Disney Dream Cruise on Oct 21 this year! We love cruising with Disney! It’s the only way to cruise !

  6. Shayne says

    I saw these at my local Target this weekend and had to walk away quickly before I filled up my whole cart with Mickey items! Last year, we bought some of the little tumblers with Mickey sparklies in them and the kids love them!

  7. Haley madrigal says

    Does anyone have a popcorn bowl with the feet I need one badly for my sons Mickey party in April.. I found one on enact for $50 but I need one more.. Please contact me if you can sell it to me
    Thank you

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