Dining in Disneyland: 1972 Eats

I recently got my hands on this fabulous 1972 Guide to Disneyland. Flipping through it, I found the “Food and Refreshments” page and knew immediately that I had to share it here on the Disney Food Blog.

I love reading about all of the sponsors (at this time both Coke & Pepsi were park sponsors, gasp!) and checking out the fun food descriptions.

1972 Guide to Disneyland

I also immediately noticed that a few of those items have stood the test of time and are still around today. You can never go wrong with a Monte Cristo from the Blue Bayou or Fried Chicken from Plaza Inn (Pavilion is what they’re calling it here).

Monte Cristo Sandwich in Disneyland

Guests can still visit Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner and the Mint Julep Bar. Casa de Fritos is now called Rancho del Zocalo, and the River Belle Terrace has lost its Oscar Mayer moniker. But so many of these are still around, if only named something slightly different.

Food and Refreshments Page 1

Wish I could still go to the Space Bar!

Food and Refreshments Page 2

That Cherry Mist Punch sounds great!

Do you see an old favorite or something that you wished you would have tried way back when?

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  1. juliet says

    The Welch’s Grape juice Bar was a family favorite. Icy cold white or purple grape juice!!! Yum!!!

  2. Deneice says

    I remember when both the Inn & Pavilion (Jolly Holiday Bakery) were both open. Even as a kid I couldn’t figure out why they had both across Main St. from each other. The Space Bar is where my grandma and I would grab punch (different name by 1977) and people watch after getting off the People Mover & had a ton of lunches at Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship!

  3. Anastasia says

    I’m intrigued by the description ‘waitress service’. Did they not have any male servers? That seems a bit odd.

  4. Matt says

    God I miss the spaghetti from Plaza Pavilion. It combined with the garlic bread they had was just so darned good!

  5. Joyce says

    Oh, Casa de Fritos, I still dream of your tamales. Totally inauthentic, but totally yummy.

  6. Heather S. says

    @Pudge – I was thinking the same thing!

    @juliet – Yum! I wish that was still around too.

    @Deneice – It’s not fair that WDW still has a People Mover and we don’t! Miss it so much!

    @Anastasia – Hmmm, not sure.

    @Matt – Would love to see spachetti back!

    @John – The Contemporary is awesome now, I can only imagine it’s awesomeness in the 80’s!

    @Joyce – Also the birthplace of Doritos if my memory serves me right!

  7. says

    I remember a general store on Main Street, that served hot chocolate and hot apple cider, and probably pastries. My mom loved it for some reason and it ws always our last stop. I kind of remember dill pickles in a barrel. It was on the right side of the street (looking towards the castle) as I remember. This would have been in the 70s.

  8. Heather Sievers says

    @ThoseThingsILov – That was probably Market House! Unfortunately it’s now a Starbucks.

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