Carthay Circle Club…

Artist Rendition of Carthay Circle Theater (c)Disney

Artist Rendition of Carthay Circle Theater (c)Disney

…or Triple C. Rumor has it that this will be the Disney California Adventure cousin to New Orleans Square’s hidden treasure, Club 33.

Built inside the Carthay Theater on Buena Vista Street (and all part of the current DCA facelift project), the Carthay Circle Club will offer members a feel of the type of club Walt himself might have frequented. They will relax in an Animator’s Lounge while waiting for their table to be ready in the spanish-style dining room upstairs. An open show kitchen, displays of photographs and memorabilia dating back to Walt’s early days as an animator, and wide vista views of the park and scenery beyond offer a stunning backdrop to each meal.

Club members will have a variety of perks as well, as do Club 33’s members.

Word is that Club 33 wait listers will have first dibs on a Cathay Circle Club membership, but steady your bank account now: Club members will pay $10,450 up front and $3,275 annually in dues.


  1. Margret says

    It’s too bad they can’t run these clubs kind of like spa’s: pay between $100~$300 for a day pass (or just to get in the door) with meal/drinks cost not included. Seems like that would be a great source of revenue and would still limit the number of people who’d actually make use of it. They could even keep it on the sneaky, down-low like they used to for Fantasmic tickets. Like you had to surreptitiously investigate where/when you needed to be to be able to get the ticket, etc. They could also only open it up like that on slow days where they otherwise weren’t filling tables. That would keep an element of luck/chance so that no one who wasn’t a regular member would be able to count on being able to go. I.e. it wouldn’t loose it’s special status. That would make it potentially accessible to die-hard dreamers like me that don’t live in SoCal and can’t afford $10k down and ~ now ~ $10k a year for the privilege.

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