Sneak Peek at Kouzzina Menu

Cat Cora and Mickey

Cat Cora and Mickey

*Update August 17, 2009*: Disney World has posted menus for Kouzzina!
Kouzzina Menu: Dinner
Kouzzina Menu: Breakfast
Kouzzina Menu: Dessert

You can see some photos of some new Kouzzina menu items here!

The restaurant had a “soft” opening on August 15th. Grand opening is still scheduled for September 17th.
Also, thanks to DisBoards poster, StepDisney, here’s another sneak peek at what might be on Kouzzina’s menu!

Spinach Salad
Goat Cheese Stuffed Grape Leafs
Vongole (clams, Sausage, Wine Broth & Garlic Croutons
Calamari & Lemons
Brick Oven Bread
Kouzzina Spread
Kouzzina Sampler

Dinner Entree:
Oak Fired Pork T-Bone
Wood Grilled Flank Steak
Fisherman’s stew
Cinnamon Stewed Chicken
Char grilled Lamb Burgers
Traditional Whole Fish
Spiced Briami (Oven roasted Veggies, Oregano & Mazithra Cheese with Orzo)
Greek Spinach Pie
Tastitsio ( Greek Lasagna)
Slow cooked lamb shank

Chocolate Budino Cake
Galaktoboureko – Custard in Baked Phyllo Dough & Vanilla Praline Ice Cream
Loukamathes – Freshly made greek donut dipped in warm honey
Yogurt Sorbet with fruit & mint syrup
Greek Cookies

Thanks to @jlovely for the tip!


  1. Jeff W says

    Loukoumades (a.k.a. honey balls) are freakishly awesome. Just got (more than) my fill of some about a week and a half ago at the annual Greek Fest the Greek Orthodox church up the street from me held.

    Love your site, by the way!

  2. admin says

    Jeff — Funny you say that, as that’s exactly what I zero-ed in on when I looked at the menu! Nice to see a good review; I’ll be sure to try them!

    ScottWDW — Thank you for clearing up the soft/grand opening dates. We’ll always trust you and the calculator!

  3. DianeC says

    My husband and I had dinner at Kouzzina’s last Saturday and were very disappointed. He had the pork T-bone which was tough and dry and I had the Pastichio (by the way–this is the correct spelling)and it tasted more like a cross between a Shepard and spaghetti pie. Service was great but the decor–it looked like a cafeteria. We should have kept our reservation at Marrekesh in Epcot!

  4. says

    Thank you for your review, Diane! I haven’t heard anything bad about the restaurant, so I really appreciate hearing your honest thoughts.

  5. Sandi says

    Just ate there this afternoon, 9/7/09, and I was really surprised, and disappointed, that the restaurant has seemingly reamained untouched since they moved in after Spoodles.
    My husband got the whole fish, which was yellow tail snapper. While he enjoyed it, the price of almost $28 did not include any side dishes. No veggies, no nothing.
    I was not very hungry and since we have a 2 hour drive home, taking leftovers with us is not an option. I decided to get the mussels in a garlic sauce figuring I could also spurge and get the doughnuts for dessert. All the food was very good, but then came the bill. They actually charged me $5 more fr my appetizer being an entre. How does this make sense???
    I won’t go back just because of that. I feel like the waiter should have informed me of this “rule”. I certainly did not get $14 worth of mussels.

  6. says

    Wow, Sandi. That’s really strange — both the no veggies/sides and the extra $$ for getting an app as your entree. Anyone else have this experience? Yikes!

  7. Sandi says

    Ok, I must apologize. After looking online, I believe my mussels appetizer was $12.99, not $7.99. That would make the upcharge just a dollar. I’m still not sure why there’s any difference, but a dollar isn’t as big of a deal to me.
    Still would have liked to have had some sides with the fish, even as big as it was.

  8. Jackey says

    Good to hear from someone who ate there. It is a bit sad to see Spoodles go it was one of my favs. The appetizers sound more appetizing then the entires to me. I always have to try out a new Disney restaurant at least once.

  9. Katy says

    I just ahd a fabulous time at Kouzzina’s. I am Gluten intolerent and have trouble eating out. Chef George made this simple and delicious. I had the Cinnamon Stewed Chicken sans the ouzo and my hubby had the Fisherman’s Stew sans the bread so I could taste. They made me special gluten free bread and also a delicous, original, gluten free dessert. Service was wonderful, atmosphere was fun and friendly. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves good food. I also had the Coronation Pinot Noir and it was the perfect compliment to the evening. Thank you Disney/Kouzzina for making my 60th birthday so special.

  10. says

    Sandi, thanks for the update!

    Jackey — When are you going to try it out? Any plans to head to the world?

    Katy — Thank you for your review! I’m always impressed by how customer-service oriented Disney is when it comes to special diets. They’re on top of it.

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