Have You Used a Tagine?

I was browsing in one of the Epcot Morocco shops recently and found a very interesting display. While I like to think I’ve had experience with many different kinds of food and cooking, I hadn’t yet heard about the Tagine:

Decorative Tagine

Basically, it’s a Mediterranean crock pot!

Interestingly, I’ve heard people speak about tagine-cooked meals several times since finding this display, so maybe it’s just in my consciousness now!

Closed Tagine

Open Tagine

small tagines

Do you have a Tagine? Do you use one in your cooking at home? I’m tempted to ship one home to try it out — or see if I can find one locally.


  1. Sarah says

    I recall an episode of Good Eats where Alton used ceramic planting pots to create a makeshift smoker for barbecue. I would think you could use the same materials, perhaps with some foil or such to plug the hole in the bottom of the planter/top of the tagine. There I go, dorking up the intarwebs again… :)

  2. Aimee says

    I’ve traveled extensively in Morocco where tagines are used regularly, of course, in home cooking. I purchased some at a store here in the states. However I don’t use them for cooking anymore because I believe the tagines produced in Morocco have lead in them and I was never clear on whether or not the tagines imported to the US were lead-free or not. The decorative tagines are quite beautiful but you can’t cook a meal in it. You could serve your meal in it though, or just use it for decoration. In my opinion the tagine sold at Williams Sonoma is too small. I just use my tagine recipes in a dutch oven and they come out the same. It’s fun to experiement though and the tagine sure is a great conversation piece. :)

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