We Are Siamese If You Please…

You can find these wily felines at The Scary Apothecary in Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Be sure to grab a few pieces of fudge while you’re there to make up for the scare! ;-)

Of course, you can see where these villains originated in Disney’s The Lady and the Tramp. Bad kitties!


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    I remember these cats from Lady and the Tramp, along with the little song that they sung when they were introduced.

    This cats have to be one of the top freakiest animals in any disney movie to date. I believe they have scared TONS of little kids.

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    I always had Siamese cats growing up, so I was particularly fond of these guys and their song in Lady and the Tramp. I love that display too! :D

    Happy to see you’re enjoying your trip!!

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    Josh and Zanna — I don’t remember them well from when I was a kid, and I was even surprised when I realized later in life that they were villains! ;-) Shows how much I paid attention to movies as a kid!

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