The Best Use of Cream Cheese Icing Ever

I have a new favorite breakfast.

Hilton Bonnet Creek's MUSE Cinnamon Rolls

These — four of them — were delivered to our room on a recent PR trip to the Waldorf Astoria Orlando. My husband and I just stared at them; we rarely eat pastry for breakfast, and there was no way we could down four of them. But there was warm cream cheese icing dripping off the rolls, so we had to at least split one.

The other side ;)

Fast forward to two hours later…there was about a third of a roll left.

As it turns out, these aren’t your average cinnamon rolls: The Hilton Bonnet Creek and Waldorf Astoria Oralndo pastry chef, Francis Metais, spent weeks perfecting the recipe. Instead of the typical heavy, “bread-like” sweet roll, the dough used is closer to a croissant or a danish dough, making the rolls extremely light, airy, and flaky.

This also means that that aforementioned cream cheese icing soaks right into the pastry (!!!) — seriously, my mouth is watering as I remember it. I tried to take a photo that did this particular attribute justice:

More Icing Than Meets the Eye

You can find these in the middle of Disney World property at the Hilton Bonnet Creek’s MUSE coffee shop (opens at 5am for the early birds on their way to the parks; closes at 11pm). Or, if you’re staying at the Hilton Bonnet Creek or Waldorf Astoria Orlando, you can just have ‘em delivered to your room ;-).

Thanks again to the Waldorf Astoria Orlando for hosting us and treating us to these incredible, delectable rolls.


  1. carolyn says

    Yum! It looked a little like a honey-bun until I read the cream cheese frosting and the flaky texture. I’m probably not going to make it over to eat one of those but will live vicariously through your bites of that. Man, that looks GOOD!

  2. Dana (aka DragynAlly) says

    Not to disagree with my favorite food blogger but I could eat cream cheese icing straight up. Which is it’s best use! ;-)

  3. says

    Sounds great, and looks delicious.

    Are these cinnamon rolls regularly sized or they one of those ones that are as big as your head?

  4. says

    Dana — Very good point!

    Jo — Let me know how you like it! They’re best when they’re warm (but they’re pretty darn good cold, too!) :-)

    Kelly — Next time! How was the conference?

    chris — My thoughts exactly (and you ARE pretty skinny, FYI.)

    Jayne — Just another treat for you to try on your upcoming trip!

    Josh — They’re in between — bigger than normal, but not QUITE as big as my head ;-)

  5. Laura says

    I know this is an older post but I was looking for a picture of these ‘cinnamon rolls’ to show a friend of mine. We take a late flight to Orlando and stay at the Hilton Bonnet Creek for one night before heading to our Disney hotel. We’ve done this a few times now and these rolls are on my ‘best food ever’ list!!! I get them at Muse, their quick food restaurant, and take it out to the pool. I have also described this to others as a cinnamon roll made with a butter pastry like a croissant rather than a dough pastry. It is a treat, but oh so good!!! They truly melt in your mouth and taste great with a cup of coffee – and of course, a piece of fruit :)

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