DIY Magical Drinks: The Expedition Everest

Our own Chef BigFatPanda is back with a thirst-quenching new drink recipe inspired by one of our favorite Disney rides!

As you know, Chef’s DIY Disney column here on the Disney Food Blog provides us with easy directions to make recipes that remind us of our laughing place. His latest concoction continues his series of unique magical drinks for at-home sipping. This drink will bring out your adventurous side for exploring higher elevations!

The Expedition Everest

Using a tall glass or mug:
1. Place 2 Maraschino Cherries at the bottom
2. Fill the glass up to the brim with shaved ice
3. Liberally, pour on some Blue Raspberry Vodka or Blue Alcohol of your choice

Blue Raspberry Vodka

(If your ice melts some, add more and repeat)
Top it with a tall Whipped Cream Peak

Snowy peaks!

When your guest has completed their expedition, they will see the red glowing eyes of the Yeti!

Glowing eyes?

(We made sure our cherries did not move so that we could be consistent with the condition of the current Yeti :-) )


Watch for more Magical Drinks from Chef BigFatPanda here on the Disney Food Blog!


Recipe Courtesy Chef BigFatPanda

Don’t forget to check out Chef BigFatPanda’s column posts right here!


  1. Galloping Gourmand says

    If you are afraid of EE, drink before the ride.
    When you get off, drink in celebration.
    For a challenge, drink during.

  2. says

    AAAAAH! Do not drink before the ride! If you think that backwards section is bad BEFORE alcohol, just wait until after! AAAAAH! ;-)

  3. says

    Sarah — Ha ha! My stomach says otherwise (especially after two rides on EE!) ;-)

    Erin — Hee hee!

  4. Erin Foster says

    LOVE your last line. This looks yummy, but not for drinking on the same day you’re riding.

  5. says

    Love it! I think I’ve got all of these ingredients on hand, too….I know what i’m drinking tomorrow night! Heck, I’ve even got a glowing ice cube around here somewhere…

  6. Alan says

    Congratulations Chef – I cannot imagine a more clever way to honor a Disney attraction and get a nice shot of alcohol at the same time. This could lead to a new craze of inventing unique drinks to go with the great Disney rides.

  7. says

    Erin – thank you – let’s try it sometime but not too much alcohol and we’ll ride over n over :)
    Lenore – Let me know how it goes over
    Alan – Thanks so much, that’s what I’m hoping for – they will all be here on the DisneyFoodBlog and I’ll soon link to here :)

    Coming soon: Mrs. Potts drink MMMmm – your gonna like this one

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