Disney World Introduces…Cake Pops!

The Candy Cauldron at Downtown Disney’s West Side is a popular stop for satisfying sweet cravings.  Step inside the Wicked Queen’s/Old Hag’s Dungeon for tantalizing treats.

No worries – there are no poisoned apples! The only fruit here is covered in tempting chocolate and caramels! While perusing the candy selections, watch candy being made in the show kitchen!

But the real news is…Cake Pops are now being sold at the Candy Cauldron! Thanks to Becky Browne Allen for the great tips and photos!

Cake Pop

Inside the pop, you’ll discover a real cake center — flavors are vanilla, chocolate, marble, or red velvet. The Mickey ears are marshmallows! And the combo of marshmallow, white chocolate, cake, and sugar make for a delicious but ultra-sweet experience.

Cross-Section of Cake Pop

Cake Pops Selection

Don’t forget — Premium Annual Passholders can receive a 20% discount. Cake Pops are selling for $2.95 each (no DDP credit) and have reportedly been sighted at Goofy’s Candy Company as well.

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  1. ShaeLee says

    Do you know if they are a snack credit? My daughter LOVES cake pops. I’m sure she’ll be dragging us to DTD to get one!

  2. says

    I never even knew this was possible! Only insane airfares keep me at home this weekend after seeing one of those!

  3. Alan says

    What a clever idea. But I think the sugar coating is just a bit too much. Maybe chocolate or toasted almond crumbs would be better.

  4. says

    I’m sorry I know I’m the odd one out here; I was so excited when I saw “cake pops” but then I saw marshmallows and I’m disappointed. I don’t like marshmallows and neither does my daughter. I’ll just have to stick with my dream of making some cake pops of my own at some point.

  5. says

    Shaelee — No snack credit at the moment :-(

    Adam — Ha ha! I’ve had a cheesecake pop, but never a cake pop. I can’t wait to try one in September!

    Allison — They DO. Oh, that sounds awful! ;-)

    JoAnn — Let us know what you think!

    Alan — Agreed. I would just want plain chocolate, or crushed cake crumbs maybe?

    Jessica — You could just pluck the marshmallows off — they’re only the ears. The rest is just cake, chocolate, and sugar!

    Beth — Cute! I think these ones are coated in white chocolate before the sugar is put on top.

  6. says

    I love Candy Cauldron (how could you not love a store with a wall of jelly beans?), and those cake pops look delish!

  7. says

    They are on the dining plan, I rang one up the other day and it was approved. Also, did you stop by? I was hoping to be there if you did to meet you. I use your blog as a guide to which place to eat to next!

    (P.S. I’m lovezellie on twitter)

  8. says

    And also, we offer them in just dipped chocolate as well and chocolate with sprinkles! If you prefer to not have sugar as a topping, just ask us! We’ll be happy to see if we have any without the sugar.

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