Le Cellier Lunch Menu Shifts

Le Cellier gradauted its dinner menu to a Signature Dining option earlier this year (see our review here), but that wasn’t the end of the changes!

Our good friend Andy from Eating (and Drinking) around WDW recently sent over these photos of the new lunch menu at Le Cellier, which has been spiffed up a bit to accompany the restaurant’s new ‘spensive dinner menu.

Lunch Menu -- click for larger version

Gone are the Grilled Sirloin Salad and the Open-Face Canadian Cheese Steak Sandwich, replaced with a Crispy Fried Steak (roasted peppers, field greens, boursin cheese sauce (hubba hubba!!), and potato salad) and Le Cellier’s Steak and Potato Skillet (Beef tenderloin, mushrooms, and potatoes served with a salad of arugula, tomato, and blue cheese).

The Pan Roasted Salmon Burger has been changed to the Asian Salmon Burger (doesn’t seem all that different in terms of extras), and the Walnut-Crusted Salmon has been changed to a Pan-Roasted Salmon.

In the appetizer area, everything stayed largely the same, though the Lump Crab and Sweet Corn Custards have been replaced with a Marinated Yellowfin Tuna (with Thai Basil, chili pepper, snap peas, and ponzu dressing).

Luckily, the Le Cellier Mushroom Filet remains on the menu, complete with mushroom risotto and truffle butter sauce. Whew! ;-)

You can see the fully updated menu here.

What would you try?


  1. says

    I honestly think I would have cried real tears if they had taken the Le Cellier Mushroom Filet off the menu. We are going on our first Disney vacation in September and I have been drooling over that dish for nearly two years. I cannot wait to order it and savor every bite!

  2. Lauren says

    My family and I dined at LeCellier in June. I had the Gnocchi, and it was okay — but VERY salty!!! Unfortunately, the service was not good at all. We waited at least twenty minutes for our dessert (which we ordered when we ordered our lunch). We were there for lunch, and by the time we left, the dinner crowd had come in! My husband and I had one of our best Disney experiences at this restaurant in 2004; it’s sad that we will now think twice before going back.

  3. says

    I’m heading here for the first time on a lunch reservation in August. I’m looking for some recommendations. It seems the Mushroom Filet is a popular option? I was looking at that one myself. Maybe I actually have good taste.

  4. says

    Mrs. Bee — I would have, too!! That’s one of my favorite dishes in Disney World. The risotto alone is amazing, but that truffle butter…wow!

    Lauren — I’m sorry to hear about the inconsistent service. Was the food decent at least?

    DisneyandBeyond — My friend, you are going to love it! Mushroom filet is by far the most popular item on the lunch menu. And you can’t go wrong with that cheddar cheese soup we were talking about on twitter the other day, either!

  5. says

    At these prices, I won’t even eat lunch there anymore. Sad – I really love the beer cheese soup, but not for $6.99 a bowl.

  6. John B says

    I had the open-face sandwhich in April and LOVED it! Sad it is off the menu. Oh well, change is good right? I know Disney gets a lot of flack for changing their menus a lot, but variety is the spice of life!

  7. Kim K. says

    We just ate at Le Cellier last Wednesday. I had high expectations going into our lunch and was not let down! The mushroom filet was the best filet I’ve ever had. Our service was excellent, even for a group of 12. I would definitely dine there again.

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