Boardwalk Pizza Window Now Accepting Disney Dining Plan Credits

Next time you’re strolling by the Boardwalk pizza window at Disney World, feel free to stop by for a meal using your Disney Dining Plan credits!

Pizza Window

Here’s the breakdown…

One Quick-Service Credit
You can get: 1 slice of pizza and 1 soft drink, plus 1 dessert

Pepperoni Pizza Slice

Two Quick-Service Credits
You can get: 1 whole pizza and 2 soft drinks, plus 2 desserts

Dine at nearby outdoor tables or get your Boardwalk meal to go.

Let us know if you’ll use your dining credits at the Boardwalk Pizza Window! We want to hear your comments — chime in below!


  1. Bret says

    I really did not like the pizza from Boardwalk the last two times we went. I even ordered a whole pizza last time. I have enjoyed it in the past but not the last two times….

  2. Kim says

    Pizza – talking my language now. I didn’t get over to sample on my last WDW trip. How did that NOT happen?!!

  3. CM says

    They used to have the best Cazones. That was back in 2005. Sadly that went by the waistside like many menu selections throughout the world. :-(

  4. says

    Deej — Ha ha! You’re a fan of the BW pizza eh?

    Bret — Thanks for the review. I think I’m even less likely to get it now that Via Napoli is so close by.

    Kim — You’re slippin! ;-)

    CM — I know! The calzones were awesome!

    Liz — Good question! I’m guessing it closes around 11pm or when Kouzzina closes. Agreed that that would be great after Jellyrolls. I always end up getting a crappy hot dog at the Hess Station after closing Jellyrolls. ;-)

  5. jill says

    question… how big is the pie? How many slices is it cut into? where does it fall on the wdw pizza scale? with pizza planet being on one end of the scale and via napoli holding down the other side of the scale? I will leave it up to you to assign the values to the scale. Thanks!

    pizza planet ——————– via napoli

  6. says

    Depending on the size of the pizza, the 2 CS credits for a whole pizza doesn’t seem like a bad deal, expecially when you consider getting one delivered to your room in the value resorts will cost you 2 TS credits.

  7. Jan says

    Seriously can use 2 QS credits for a whole pizza? Is that a full-sized pizza? That’s SO much more food than using 1 QS credit for just a slice! I’ll definitely do that if it’s a full-sized pizza, since I’ll be with someone I can share it with!

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