Entree Duo and PB&J Creme Brulee at Flying Fish Cafe on Disney World’s Boardwalk

Any time I have the chance to dine at Flying Fish Cafe in Disney World’s Boardwalk Inn Resort, I take it! I love this restaurant, and it always manages to surprise me with its clever and innovative menu.

I dined there in July, and while I’m not going to do a full review of that meal, I needed to share these awesome menu items with you just in case you’re headed over. I wish I had this meal to do over again, because I’d definitely order the same thing!

Get these on your must-eat list, stat!

Duo of Char-Crusted Angus New York Strip Steak and Potato-Wrapped Red Snapper

Well, Flying Fish Cafe has two signature entrees…can you guess what they are? ;-) Yep, the Char-Crusted Strip and the Potato-Wrapped Red Snapper are the menu’s highlights, and Flying Fish has done us all a favor and put them together on one plate!

Duo of Red Snapper and Strip Steak

The Potato-Wrapped Snapper includes Leek Fondue with a Veal Glace, Red Wine, and Cassis Butter reduction; while the Char-Crusted Angus New York Strip comes with Fingerling Potatoes, Hericot Vert, Young Carrots, and Bermuda Onions, and an applewood-smoked Bacon Mustard Seed Vinaigrette and Classic Sauce Foyot (hubba hubba!).

I was very surprised and impressed how well everything actually went together. I was using the sauce from the Snapper with the steak, and vice versa. The flavors were incredible (especially the Veal Glace and Leek Fondue)! This is easily one of my best Disney entrees of the year.

I should note that this dish is part of a Chef’s Prix-Fixe menu currently, but you can order it a la carte as well.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Creme Brulee

For dessert, I indulged in the PB&J Creme Brulee! You’ve seen plenty of innovative and interesting flavored creme brulees on our Disney Creme Brulee Gallery, but this is definitely the most unique version I’ve ever tasted!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Creme Brulee

Served with white chocolate dipped blueberry biscotti, fresh blueberries, a fresh gooseberry, and a teeny little syringe of dark chocolate (hiding behind the gooseberry in the pic above) to apply yourself “to taste,” this is probably one of the most “accessorized” creme brulees I’ve ever seen! ;-)

Inside, there’s even more to explore. Crack through that caramelized sugar and you’ll find rich peanut butter custard cream paired with what seems to be straight-up (though extremely high-end) jelly! I loved the duo of flavors.

Inside the Creme Brulee

This is what dessert should be — an interesting, exciting roller coaster ride where you never really know what’s going to be around the next delicious corner! Yep — Food IS A Theme Park!


I was utterly pleased with this meal — as I am with most meals at Flying Fish Cafe. I would definitely recommend both of these dishes to anyone headed to “The Fish,” and I hope you’ll let me know if you love them!

Of course, should the menu change before you get there, not to worry. The eats at Flying Fish have been incredible for years. If you’re not sure what to get, stick with the steak or the snapper — they’re delicious.

Are you considering dining at Flying Fish Cafe? Let us know your thoughts and past experiences in the comments below!


  1. Alan says

    Sadly, this is one restaurant I would love to eat at, that I have never been to. My wife will not eat fish and almost all of the menu is sea food, which I love. She is so-so on steak and all sauces are a deal killer. She has offered to go and just have dessert, while I eat, but with all the choices at WDW, I don’t mind passing it by. I’ll just keep reading AJ’s reviews.

  2. Fran says

    Flying Fish is one of my favorites! It never disappoints. On my last trip I was torn between the Boardwalk Trio and the PB&J Creme Brulee. I went with the Boardwalk Trio and it didn’t overwhelm me. But I’m going again in a month and the creme brulee will be on the list.

    The great thing about FF is they always have seasonal desserts. The only downside is having so many great choices makes the decision that much more difficult!

  3. Alex says

    I had the duo in January during our trip and I didn’t think that they paired well together. The flavors were too strong and too contrasting. I ended up eating the entire snapper portion and then eating the steak. The contrast was just too stark for my palate. We enjoyed our experience at Flying Fish and the kids were treated really well by our server. The server even brought out an order of french fries without us specifically ordering them just for the kids. We are staying at the Boardwalk again in January and will have a hard time not having an ADR at Flying Fish.

  4. Sandra says

    We were interested until the word “Angus” appeared. My husband intensely dislikes the flavor of Angus beef. Since I don’t eat meat anymore, I am not sure exactly what his objection is; he just finds the taste a bit artificial. If we were to eat there, we would be getting the fish or the vegetarian entees. And although we love creme brulet, I don’t know about PB&J, but I might have to try it anyway. Now, if it were pistachio…

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