Disney Gift Guide 2012: Cookie Season is Here!

DFB readers know that around this time of year, we like to share a few fun gift ideas for the Disney food fans in your life. And if that means YOU, well we think picking up a little something for yourself is just fine. ;-)

Last week we shared a few of our favorite ways to celebrate with a Disney Dinner Party! Today, with visions of sugar plums starting to dance in my head, I’m pretty sure it’s time to make COOKIES! What, you too? Great! We can swap recipes!

In the meantime, I can’t think of a better way to get into the spirit of baking and cookie making than by stocking up on all kinds of fun Disney kitchenware that’s made just for the occasion!

Whether you’re holiday shopping for all of those bakers on your list, or stocking up on a few pre-Christmas holiday “surprises” for yourself, check out the cool things I’ve found in the Disney Store online for your bake-apalooza 2012! C’mon — grab a whisk and let’s go!

Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Apron

First, keep your favorite Christmas clothes flour-free with this snazzy Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Apron. At least three people on my Christmas list are getting one this year!

Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Apron -- Personalize It!

Mickey Mouse Mixing Bowl Set

Next, it’s time to think about your kitchen tools! I cannot get enough of the cool vintage vibe of this Mickey Mouse Mixing Bowl Set. Crafted in durable plastic, the bowls look just like something I’d find in Grandma’s cabinet – or 50’s Prime Time Cafe!

Gourmet Mickey Mouse Measuring Cup Set

Bakers worth their salt know that the key to baking success is precise measuring of ingredients. Do it stylishly with this Gourmet Mickey Mouse Measuring Cup Set.

The ceramic set is special enough to display, I’m thinking. (And they’ll surely stand in when you’re short a teacup or two. DUAL FEATURE!!)

Gourmet Mickey Mouse Measuring Cup Set

Best of Mickey Mouse Measuring Cup

Precision matters when it comes to liquid ingredients, too! Use this quirky Best of Mickey Mouse Measuring Cup — with Ear Lid! — to ensure perfect results everytime.

Best of Mickey Mouse Measuring Cup

Bamboo Mickey Mouse Utensil Set

Bamboo is the perfect renewable resource to fit just about any decor. Mix up a batch of your favorite cookies for Santa with this handy-dandy Bamboo Mickey Mouse Utensil Set.

Bamboo Mickey Mouse Utensil Set

Best of Mickey Mouse Spatula

Mickey gives your cookies a big thumbs up every time with a cute and classic Best of Mickey Mouse Spatula. I saw this first at the Beach Club Marketplace this Fall and loved it!

Best of Mickey Mouse Spatula

Bamboo Mickey Mouse Rolling Pin

Go gourmet in a big way for that special baker on your list. This beautiful Bamboo Mickey Mouse Rolling Pin features the tapered design that pasty chefs prefer, with a whimsical and subtle flourish featuring our favorite Mouse.

Bamboo Mickey Mouse Rolling Pin

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

Amid the gingerbread and Christmas tree cookies, be sure to leave a little dough for Mickey! And this jumbo 5-inch Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter will make beautiful cookies for your favorite guests (or the Big Man himself!). Don’t forget to grab some icing to decorate…

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

Best of Mickey Mouse Kitchen Timer

Burnt cookies are a total bah humbug, but you’re not going to sit in the kitchen and watch the oven, right? Never become distracted by the rest of your to-do list again when you use this savvy little Best of Mickey Mouse Kitchen Timer to time your cookies! Perfectly golden results can be yours every single time! Its magnetic bottom means that it will always be handy when you need it.

Best of Mickey Mouse Kitchen Timer

Gourmet Mickey Mouse Potholder and Oven Mitt Set

If you favor a simpler pattern over the bold red and black Mickey motif, you’ll love this Gourmet Mickey Mouse Potholder and Oven Mitt Set. The set is the perfect combo of style and function, and will keep you smiling recipe after recipe.

Gourmet Mickey Mouse Potholder and Oven Mitt Set

Best of Mickey Mouse Oven Glove

But sometimes you just want classic design to remind you of your Laughing Place when you’re at home! You know when you leave the parks, and the cast members are all wavin’ with their Mickey gloves? You can do that while you’re baking snickerdoodles this season with the Best of Mickey Mouse Oven Glove. AND — you can personalize it! Woohoo! Fun!

Best of Mickey Mouse Oven Glove - You Can Personalize It!

Bamboo Mickey Mouse Platter

When it comes time to serve up your gourmet goodies, grab this beautiful and chic Bamboo Mickey Mouse Platter. It’s the perfect way to display all of your handiwork. ;-)

Bamboo Mickey Mouse Platter

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Cookie Jar

Any leftovers? Hahaha! We don’t know what those are either! But if you want to be prepared just in case, this awesome Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Cookie Jar should be standing by. :-) And can you even imagine what a cool gift this would be to receive?! (Full of mickey mouse gingerbread cookies, maybe…)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Cookie Jar

Just shopping for all of these cool cookie finds makes me want to invite a few friends over for a cookie baking party this weekend! Who’s in??

And remember, if you order $75 or more, your shipping is FREE with code SHIPTODAY. So go ahead and knock out some of that shopping — or grab a few cute items to make that holiday baking all the more enjoyable.

Which items will you be adding to your collection or getting for that baker that’s near and dear to your heart? Let us know below (unless it spoils the surprise)!


  1. John Grigas says

    Terrific. I’m super in the mood for this.

    On tap for this weekend . . . I hoarded 5 of those 1oz bags of Craisins from the Food & Wine cranberry bog booth a few weeks ago, along with the Craisin Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe card. Sounds kinda Thanksgivingey, don’t you think?

  2. says

    Sarah — I KNOW!!!

    Victoria — Isn’t it adorable? I love the retro Mickey and Minnie feel.

    John G — That sounds awesome…and totally Thanksgivingey! Send me some? ;-)

  3. Victoria says

    Exactly AJ! I just couldn’t pass it up…even though we’re going to WDW soon. But I didn’t want to have to deal with the hassle of bringing back a big box…it’d take up too much space in my carry-on! I have to fill it with Christmas presents and yummy goodies for myself. ;)

  4. Matt says

    My wife bought the Minnie Apron while we were down there a couple weeks ago.
    And I bought the large Mickey apron to match her.

    We also have the bamboo platters and the Best of Mickey Mouse oven glove. It’s great except my wife won’t let me use it cause it’ll get dirty.

  5. Rachel M says

    Victoria –
    You could always ship things back. On our last trip we did that and I was suprised at how little it actually cost and how fast it arrived.

  6. Essie says

    I love the Minnie apron! Are these for sale in the parks at all, AJ? I’m going in a week and carrying that home would be so light and easy. As for heavier things, thanks for the ‘shipping home’ reminder. Now I have to decide if the apron will be for me or my Mom; hmmm….maybe a Mother/Daughter gift? We both love home baking.

  7. Victoria says

    @Rachel M – I wasn’t sure if that was an option. We’ve gone a few times, but never asked or thought about shipping things home. I need to keep that in mind! ;) Thanks for the info!

  8. says

    I would like to purchase the 5 inch Mickey Mouse Cookie cutter. Where do I purchase this item. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance. JP

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