DFB Podcast Episode 13: Money-Saving Disney Dining Tips!

Welcome to the lucky 13th episode of the DFB Podcast!

We’re so excited to bring you another chapter in the crazy antics of Brad and AJ! (HA HA!)

What’s Happening in the 13th Episode?

In this episode we:

Cover the latest Disney Food News, including important Epcot Flower & Garden food news and new menus at several WDW and Disneyland restaurants; discuss some great money-saving tips at Walt Disney World and Disneyland; answer a few listener questions, and reveal the answer to our Episode 12 trivia question (AND compel you with a brand-new trivia question!).

Listener Questions…

Here are the questions we’re answering in the 13th Episode!

Rachel W.: I saw from the Harira Soup mention in the Restaurant Marrakesh review that AJ, like myself, has the gene where we cannot eat cilantro. (Tastes like dish soap to me. Bleh.) Since this herb often is not listed in dish description, what other WDW food items have you stumbled across that have cilantro hidden in them?

Melanie M: If Free Dining is not offered, do you think that the Dining Plan is a good benefit?

Got a question? Send it to podcast@disneyfoodblog.com with “Question” in the subject line and we’ll add it to our list to answer on the podcast!

More Money Savings! Want some more tips on saving money? Find this and other top money-saving tips for eating in Walt Disney World and Disneyland in The DFB Guides! We also have several full pages dedicated to how to find and make use of dining discounts, coupon programs, membership programs, and more! It’s all at DFBGuide.com.

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