Universal Orlando Theme Parks Dining Plan Announced

Don’t tell Mickey; sometimes we venture off Walt Disney World property to take in the sights, sounds, and food at other parks.

Universal Orlando!

Since you might also go on these non-Disney adventures, we want to tell you about the Universal Orlando Theme Parks (Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure) Dining Plan. After all, if you save money at Universal, you’ll have more to splurge back at your favorite Disney parks and resorts!

The Universal Orlando theme parks have announced the Universal Dining Plan giving guests the option to book their meals and snacks when booking a Universal vacation.

Each day the Universal Dining Plan enables guests to enjoy:

  • One table service meal (entrée, dining plan dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage)
  • One counter service meal (entrée and non-alcoholic beverage)
  • One snack (such as a hot dog, ice cream, or frozen beverage from food carts or counter service locations)
  • One beverage (from food carts or counter service locations)

Green Eggs & Ham Cafe

How It Works

When Universal guests purchase a vacation package andinclude the dining plan, they’ll receive a ticket to be exchanged at Universal Orlando Resort for a Universal Dining Plan card.

Monsters Cafe, Universa Orlando

The Universal Dining Plan is valid at more than 100 dining locations throughout Universal’s theme parks and Universal CityWalk.

Additional Information

You can enjoy 2 free days of the Universal Dining Plan when you stay a minimum of four nights at a nearby Universal Partner Hotel.

The dining plan is valid in both Universal Orlando theme parks as well as select locations in Universal CityWalk.

Offer valid for purchase 6/10 through 8/29/13 and is valid for travel between 8/15-11/24/13 and 12/2-12/19/13.

For more information, including Frequently Asked Questions, Vacation Package Components, and a list of Participating Restaurants, see our Universal Orlando Theme Parks Dining Plan page.

Have you utilized the Dining Plan at Universal? Will you give it a try on your next visit? Share your experiences below!


  1. Joe says

    Was this just announced? and if ao, why is the offwr good for pirchase bw 6/10 and tomorrow?

  2. kendall says

    This does not appeal to me at all. The dining plan seems like a rip-off due to the very limited selections for a table service restaurant.

  3. Alexandra says

    When we went to Universal Studios in Orlando last fall, the food was less than stellar. Being a person who has gone to WDW many times and has been to some of the best restaurants found there, my family and I were not pleased. But, we didn’t particularly care for Universal Studios anyways, we just wanted to see the new Harry Potter World in Islands of Adventure. But, thanks for the information!

  4. Jaia says

    I believe I remember reading about this back in June. I haven’t seen any reviews on it yet though.

  5. Alan says

    The lack of TS restaurants as of now are a bit of a downer. But, if I remember correctly it took a while for WDW to rope in many of the restaurants that are now on the DDP list now. Universal needs to get it’s hotels and the missing City Walk places on board and that will make the plan worthwhile for their guests.

  6. Helen says

    As someone who does not eat meat I find universal very poor in terms of food options. There was little more than greasy cheese pizza as an option in any of the quick service locations when I last visited. I also ate at bubba gump shrimp and found nearly everything to be deep fried. Until universal improves its dining options I would not consider buying the plan.

  7. CraigInPA says

    During my last few visits, I have to say that the food choices, particularly sit down restuarants inside the park, were limited and not particularly appetizing. The only ones we found moderately edible were Mythos in Islands of Adventure and Finnegans at Universal. Except for those two, I found most of the food to be deep fried and greasy, or mass produced and casually presented.

    Universal needs to seriously step up if they want to compete with Disney on food. Offering a meal plan isn’t the solution.

  8. Matt says

    The best food option at Universal is Butterbeer in Harry Potter land. Not much else is that great.
    But they did just open the new Simpsons land with Krusty Burger and others that may help.
    They still got nothing on Disney food wise.

  9. John says

    Considering the only place I would sit down and eat at Universal in Mama Dellas, and that’s not on the list, I’d probably pass.

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