Menu Update and Black Forest Waffle Review at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

We’re back at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, today! It’s one of our favorite stops for unique eats and yummo treats in the Magic Kingdom!

But before we jump into our latest review, it is with a heavy heart that I share this news from our beloved Sleepy HollowThe specialty savory waffle sandwiches — the Sweet and Spicy Chicken and the Ham, Prosciutto and Swiss — are no longer available. Womp, womp.

Still available are the basic waffle options including the Powdered Sugar or Cinnamon as well as the Strawberries with Whipped Cream version. Also still on the menu is the popular Fresh Fruit (AND NUTELLA!!!!!) Waffle Sandwich. So…whew!

Updated Sleepy Hollow Menu

Updated Sleepy Hollow Menu

Nutella and Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Nutella and Fruit Waffle Sandwich still on the menu!

But with bad news comes good news…and a review of a fun seasonal item newly added this year!

Black Forrest Waffle Sign at Sleepy Hollow

Black Forrest Waffle Sign at Sleepy Hollow

We always enjoy keeping an eye out for seasonal and holiday influenced items because it gives us a chance to try something fun and unique.

And the Black Forest Waffle is no exception!

Black Forrest Waffle!

Black Forrest Waffle!

This one doesn’t qualify as a snack credit, but for the $5.59 price it is a large and sharable item for sure. It’s on the menu for the Valentine’s Day holiday season, which means it’s outta here in March. So get yourself to the Kingdom ASAP!

Chocolate Cake Waffles

Chocolate Cake Waffles

The chocolate-cake-flavored waffles are served warm and really do taste chocolate-y!

Cross-Section of the Waffles

Cross-Section of the Waffles

Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between waffles, and the whole thing is doused with cherry pie filling and whipped cream! Heaven.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

Cherry Topping

Cherry Topping

And in case this treat wasn’t pretty enough already: heart shaped red, pink, and white sprinkles!

Heart Shaped Sprinkles!

Heart Shaped Sprinkles!

Super pretty, super yummy! I love the classic flavors in a new and unique food item.


We’re big fans of seasonal eats here at DFB, and this is a nice step up from the typical seasonal cupcake or cookie. For $5.59, you get a lot for your dough here — and it’s perfect for sharing!

Oh, and we’ll be keeping an eagle eye on the menu here at Sleepy Hollow to see if there are any replacements for those savory waffle sammiches! Stay tuned!

Which Magic Kingdom seasonal item is your favorite? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts!


  1. Tammy Smith says

    So sad to hear about the savory waffles! We have been waiting to try them for the last couple of years and said that we would definitely get one this fall! :( So I guess the morale of the story is you snooze you lose or better get it while you can with all the changes going on!!

  2. Joy says

    So so sad the savory sandwiches will not be available. Looks like we will some place eles cause that is the only reason we go to sleepy hollow:(

  3. Laureen says

    Oh no! First the pork shank and now these? Our favorite light meal options are disappearing! You can only eat so many hamburgers! So sad.

  4. GrettaD says

    We will be there in August & would for sure eat this! Bummed they are saying goodbye to the spicy chicken because 3 out of 4 of us wanted to try it! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  5. Claire says

    Nooooooooo! Not the savoury waffles *sobs*. They were so good we were already planning on getting those on our next trip it was bad enough they stopped selling at 5pm now they are gone *sob*sniff*

  6. Dana Seccombe says

    As far as the black forest waffle goes, it sounds good, but it looks like canned pie filling for the cherries. That’s a big turn off, the canned filling. I doubt I would ever try it.

  7. Bret says

    The sweet and spicy chicken waffle was my favorite quick service meal probably on both coasts! This is very upsetting because to my tastes, there’s no other quick service that matches it’s deliciousness.

  8. Keith says

    Seems like there is resounding disappointment for the removal of the sandwiches that people actually liked…I can see why Disney decided to get rid of them

  9. says

    I just stumbled on this blog tonight, as I am planning our first trip to Disney with our teens this August. Please tell they will still have this yummy treat then?

  10. Maggie says

    I’m so so so disappointed – the spicy chicken waffle sandwich was one of my fav Disney food things. :-( I first learned about it at this blog and I’ve had it every Disney trip since. :-( I’m so bummed about this.

  11. Lee says

    @ Laureen I echo your sentiments. Plus, I don’t think disney does quick service burgers well. They always taste to me like they’ve been cooked to death and then left to sit in a warmer for ages.

    Like the spicy chicken, the ham, proscuitto and swiss was also very good.

    The one time we got the nutella and strawberry one pictured above, it didn’t look like that. The strawberries weren’t fresh -they were in a sort of syrup,- very sweet and drippy like that cherry stuff. Were not for the savory sandwiches, we wouldn’t go back.

  12. Adam says

    I’m quite disappointed to hear of the disappearance of the savory waffle sandwiches. I was really itching to try the spicy chicken one on my trip in mid-March!

  13. says

    Jennifer — It looks like it’s planned as a seasonal item, unfortunately. But maybe they’ll have something just as good or better by then. :-)

  14. says

    Just a heads up that I went today (February 29th) looking for this and they didn’t have it anymore. They said they didn’t have it after Valentines Day weekend. Bummer! I’ll keep my eye out for it next year.

  15. Kevin Wadsworth says

    Noooooooooooooo!!!!! The chicken waffle was my favorite sandwich in all of Disney. And a good value too. Dangit.

  16. says

    Essie and All — I couldn’t agree more!!! Seriously bummed about the Chicken Waffle especially. That was a unanimous family favorite for us.

  17. Jessica says

    The sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich was my favorite meal in Magic Kingdom; I’m so disappointed it’s gone.

  18. says

    Chicken waffle sandwich was actually the only thing my family thought was actually worth the whole vacation dining experience. All food was mediocre and you can’t call yourself a foodie if you think Disney food is “delicious”

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