Disney Kitchen Items You Never Knew You Needed

I was trolling Amazon today and found some rockin’ Disney kitchen products. Now, these are probably wants, not needs, but I thought it was important to share with you nonetheless. So whether you’re collectors, or just curious, here are some of the countless Disney kitchen products swimming around out there… .

Disney Wall-E Cake Pan and Candle

Wall-E Cake Pan and Candle: OK, this is just too much fun. I had NO idea that Wall-E had made his way into children’s birthday parties…or anybody’s birthday parties…but apparently he’s there and going strong. I just thought the cake was pretty cute, and I could really go for some frosting right now. (Psst: you can also get the icing food coloring set, should you so desire.)

Disney Ice Cream Maker

Disney Ice Cream Maker: You know you want it. It has Mickey feet. And it makes ice cream whenever you want. Any flavor. Will wonders never cease? Besides, Dave of Davelandblog‘s review is five stars on this one.

Spode Disney Cheese Wedge Plate and CoverSpode Disney Christmas Tree 7-inch Cheese Wedge and Cover: I had no idea my cheese wedges needed their own plate and cover. And to think I was about to go into the winter without a season-appropriate version!

Disney Alice and cheshire Cat salt and pepper setAlice and Cheshire Cat Salt and Pepper Set: I would throw a dinner party just to use these. And I’d do all kinds of subtle themeing, like make “Drink Me” tags for the wine glasses and “Eat Me” tags for the dessert dishes. Big, plastic pocket watches everywhere. Centerpieces made from decks of cards and half-red/half-white roses. Stop me anytime.

And there’s much more where that came from! Happy shopping!


  1. says

    Let’s see…in my kitchen I have a Mickey Mouse Hand pot holder, a Mickey pasta scoop, Mickey Canisters, a Mickey pancake mold, plates, cups, pizza plates, coffee mugs, popcorn tins, Mickey Shape cookie cutter, a fruit basket, Mickey BBQ Salt & Pepper Shakers, a Mickey head trivet, & a vase…I think that’s everything :)

  2. says

    I may not have these particular items, but I have been rummaging through my families’ attics and basements to find Disney kitchen items that I know I have seen in their houses in my lifetime. This article may have just spurred me on a little harder.

  3. says

    I like the salt and pepper shakers! I actually have Alice and Cheshire Cat salt in pepper shakers, but mine are painted. I haven’t actually used them yet, but keep them in my Disney cabinet… perhaps a tea party should be in order and I like your idea of the “drink me tags” :)

  4. Jackey says

    What have a done all these years without a cheese wedge cover?!? I have always wanted that Mickey popcorn maker. I secretly think it will taste like Main Street popcorn. I know it won’t so that’s why think I never got it. I never make a pancake without my Mickey pancake mold. Although Mickey usually comes out with demented ear or just one ear.

  5. says

    Jackey: the trick is to only make one pancake in the pan at a time. And pour in the batter slowly so it doesn’t get too thick. When you flip it, carefully push down on the mold again…

    I have it down to a science! (And mine are always chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes! …now I want some!!)

  6. Jackey says

    Thank you Kelly! I love to make key lime macadamia nut pancakes. Only make them for Christmas morning witch makes them taste even better.

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