Hawaii Disney Vacation Club Restaurant: Artist Rendering

Just wanted to share a quick view of the artist rendering for one of Aulani’s new table-service restaurants. This looks like it will be a true beach-side paradise. Still not sure on names, or the location of the other table-service restaurant in the resort. Looking forward to details if you’ve got ‘em!:

Disney Hawaii Restaurant concept art

It looks like this table-service space will take up the lower right-hand corner of the map we speculated about earlier:

Map of Aulani with beachside Restaurant marked

Seems like this will be just the place to relax after a long day of surfing! I hope I get the chance to check out the place someday!


  1. Jeff W. says

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! I need to, like, start selling various body parts (my own! My own!) on the black market so’s I can start experiencing some o’ that Disney Magic™ again.

  2. Karen Rice says

    I know what you mean, Jeff…..I feel the same way. Would LLLOOVVVEE to get to Aulani/Hawaii but it’s an Equity Loan away for me right now…… :-) (not sure I can live without the body parts but never say never I guess). Love the pictures though!

  3. says

    Karen — I think I’d choose the equity loan over the body part removal… Still, really looking forward to seeing the resort in Hawai’i!!! Let me know what you choose ;-)

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