Disney Online Dining Reservations 190 days out?

Due to what appears to be a glitch in Disney’s Online Reservations System, guests have been able to make reservations 190 days out — even without a valid resort reservation number.

The site’s booking calendar extends 190 days from today, and when a date is chosen that exists outside of the 180 day window, guests are prompted to enter their resort reservation number as usual. Interestingly, when I entered “12345678” for a reservation number, I was easily able to book a reservation for dinner at Le Cellier, breakfast at Chef Mickey’s, and dinner at Boma 190 days out (December 13th).

Interestingly, Cinderella’s Royal Table is considered in “invalid” restaurant when searching this way.

Maybe this is beta testing for a new system, or maybe it’s a glitch with the new online reservation system. Remains to be seen.

Thanks to Chris for the heads up!


  1. says

    I owe you more than that for the support and friendship!! Hopefully I can treat you to lunch or something in October!

  2. says

    Interesting…is this a recent development? I made my ADRs online on April 15, which was my 180+10, and I scored some biggies – 2 LeCellier times, Chef Mickey’s on our first night, etc. Is this something with the recent changes?


  3. Tracy says

    Here’s a random question – how does this new system address kids under 3 (i.e. in high chairs?) Should I just count them as guests?

  4. ErwinM says

    They’ve been tweaking things actively over the last few days. Thursday (181 days out for our next trip), my wife flat out couldn’t make any ADRs for our trip. Friday, when I was making the ADRs, I tried a date more than 180 days out and was given a link to click to enter a reservation number. Once I entered our number, it let me make all the ADRs I wanted to up to 180+10.

    Sounds like a temporary glitch indeed, and very recent.

  5. Melissa Cara says

    Just booked ADRs for 12/11 – thru 12/13. (Should not have been able to do that until 6/14.) It asked for my reservation number & I entered it. It worked even though the check in date was 12/3 & we don’t check in at AKL until 12/11. Weird. I just hope these turn out to be real ADRs & actually exist. Hope they don’t get “lost” or anything! Will keep trying back & hope to get each day as it becomes available. Scary to think of waiting until 180 days out & not getting anything we wanted because everyone else knew about this ‘glitch”.

  6. says

    AJ, you support us right back.

    I’m starting to feel really bad about people not getting their ADRs because they booked at the 180 day mark. I wonder what’s going on?

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