Two New Menu Items at Disney World’s Liberty Tree Tavern

After being a burger devotee at Liberty Tree Tavern‘s lunch rush for years, I decided to change it up this week and order two of the newest items on the menu!

First up — the Freedom Pasta: chicken, sauteed with tomatoes, mushrooms, and fresh basil join fusilli pasta in a cream sauce. The verdict? Delicious. I needed to add salt (as per usual with me and cream sauces), but the chicken was crispy and not overdone, and the sauce was thick vs. watery (WHY do chefs let watery cream sauces exist? Why?).

Freedom Pasta at Liberty Tree Tavern

For dessert, I went with the brand new gluten-free dessert — Decadent Chocolate Terrine. This is like taking a slab of the richest brownie dough you can imagine out of the refrigerator and eating it raw. Some of you (like me) will jump at the chance again and again. I love refrigerated brownie dough…and this is much, much better.

Chocolate Terrine

I’m headed back out to do some more eating! Reviews of the new Via Napoli and La Hacienda de San Angel coming up soon!


  1. Christina says

    That pasta looks amazing. I would love to get the recipe. I just made some fusilli with asparagus, spicy sausage, artichokes and sundried tomatoes. Fantab!

  2. marci says

    that pasta DOES look good.. oh my! and I’m with you on the watery sauces.. why, oh why?!?

    the chocolate dessert is definitely something my hubby would love, he’s the chocolate lover in our house!

  3. says

    Maybe it’s just me, but this has been bugging me since you tweeted the photo…why is it called “Freedom” pasta? I would expect red, white & blue colored pasta…hmmm…

  4. says

    The Chocolate Terrine looks absolutely amazing! I’m going to have to get one of those sometime. By the way what is the whip cream looking stuff with strawberries in it?

    I really think that the Freedom Pasta that you posted on TwitPic two days ago gives a bit more detal and shows the texture of the food. ;-)

  5. says

    Christina — Your fusilli sounds amazing! Would love to get THAT recipe! :-) Will you be blogging it?

    Marci — If you get it, let me know what you think!

    Kelly — Well, the whole Liberty Tree Tavern “theme” thing… :-) Maybe they’ll switch it out for tri-colored pasta soon ;-)

    Heather — (No worries; Hubby got the toffee cake and we shared.)

    Josh — It’s just plain old whipped cream :-)

  6. says

    Love seeing inventive gluten free desserts that are readily available! This will help in my quest to get my parents to go back to Disney—they haven’t been in years!

  7. Alan says

    I don’t know how I missed this story over the weekend. To me this pasta dish is a positive move for what is essentially a fast food counter. As much as we complain about some Disney food, a plate like this deserves some kudos. The dessert looks like a mousse. Can’t be bad.

  8. Tanbellisima says

    Is it true that Liberty Tree is no longer serving these two things?
    The pasta is not on the menu on the Disney Restaurant Reservation website.
    I am so sad if it is gone because I am going in January 2011 and want to eat it.

  9. says

    Alan — The dessert is very thick and rich — thicker than a mousse! It’s delicious!

    Tanbellisima — Both items were on the menu when I was there last week. Disney’s just not updated the menus on their site yet.

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