Nominate Your Favorite For a “2010 DFB Choice Award!”

Around here, we believe there’s no better restaurant recommendation than the one we get from another Disney fan. So, in our quest to provide the very best information about Disney restaurants, we’ve created the DFB Choice Awards!

These awards will be bestowed upon Disney-area food and restaurants based on nominations and votes from Disney Food Blog readers. Here’s the timeline:

Nominations: November 22-November 29
Award Voting: December 1-December 22
DFB Awards Announced: December 31

To participate, nominate one contender for each category in the form below (contenders can be from ANY Disney-related park or resort around the world); the top nominations from each category will be entered into our voting round, which begins on December 1st, 2010! See you then!

Nominations are now closed. Voting for the DFB Choice Awards begins on Wednesday, December 1st!

Thanks again for nominating!


  1. says


    I just want to say that I’m amazed at all the work you put into this blog. It’s a must-visit for me each and every day and there is always an abundance of new content, reviews, shared links and discussion. Did I mention I consistently love the point of view?

    The Food and Wine Festival alone was painstakingly documented, and I was consistently overwhelmed and delighted by the daily updates.

    So since this isn’t a food-specific thread, just wanted to say thank you! And now I get to nominate Disney Food thingies! :) Wheee!

  2. says

    Thank you so much, Billy! What an incredible way to start the day. :-)

    The best part is that we’ve got so many voices from the Disney fan community contributing their perspectives in the blog comments, Guest Reviews, food photos, and contributions!

  3. says

    GREAT idea AJ!

    This is really one of the main reasons I love to take some downtime and read the blog, because you have fun stuff like voting, guest reviews, and recipes. I’d have to say that before reading this blog, I’d have really no idea what to fill in half the answers but now it’s pretty easy.

    You did sway me for those Dole Whips though. ;)

  4. James (Disneynorth) says

    Great Categories AJ. Some of them really made me think of what to nominate. Of course, I had to nominate Le Cellier for a couple of them….

  5. fjfuchs says

    Great Idea! I hope you get to hang a plaque in each winner’s establishment. That would be really fun.

  6. says

    Alan — I originally had about 23 categories, including best pool bar, best alcoholic drink, best non-alcoholic drink, best theme park bar, and best hotel bar/lounge. Alas, the form was WAY too long, so those were unfortunately some of the superlatives that were cut. :-( Thought about best wine list, too! Maybe we should just have a drink version of the DFB Choice Awards!

  7. Alan says

    AJ – Sounds good. When you do I’ve got a long list. When we’re at WDW if we’re not eating we are drinking. – Oh yeah, sometimes we go on rides.

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