Sometimes a Cigar…

As you know, a big trend in the food industry today is making edible replicas of real-life things. Well check this out…

Waldorf Astoria Orlando Chocolate Cigar Tray

The only thing that isn’t edible (and delicious!) on this tray is the beautiful, real ashtray serving as a platform for these dark chocolate cigars.

Cigar Ash made from Powdered Sugar and Pure Vanilla Powder

Created at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando, these incredibly rich treats were made by filling a crunchy, layered tuile pastry dough with pure, dark chocolate mousse infused with just a hint of tea, giving the flavor a serious punch! The pastry is coated in chocolate, then dipped in a combination of powdered sugar and pure vanilla powder to resemble the ash of the cigar.

To further authenticate the dessert, tiny, embossed cigar rings dusted with sparkly powder have been placed around the chocolate cigars; and pound cake has been cut into long, thin rectangles, then dipped in deep red chocolate to resemble matches.

Cigar Ring made from Fondant

Matches made from Pound Cake and Chocolate

One bite and you’ll know you’ve experienced the highest-quality chocolate and ingredients possible. Amazing.

Dark Chocolate Filling

How do you get your hands on this neat treat? You’ll be able to find these fun replicas at the Bull and Bear Steakhouse in the Waldorf Astoria Orlando for their specialty New Year’s Eve dinner. Not for the faint of heart, guests will experience the true “fairytale” New Year’s Eve, with caviar, local pumpkin bisque, Beef Wellington, crisped Turbot, and more. If you’ve got something to celebrate, this is the place to do it!

And, someone out there, please do it. I want to hear all about it and live vicariously!!

As you know, the Waldorf Astoria is located on Bonnet Creek Parkway right in the middle of Walt Disney World property, so getting there is easy. (And they have Florida resident rates available for $189 per night!!!) You can read my delicious review of Bull and Bear Steakhouse here!

New Year’s Eve Specs
Seating One: “Prelude to a Kiss,” 5:30-7:30pm
$100 per adult, 3-course pre-fixe menu; $45 for kids ages 12 and under
Wine pairing available, but not included

Seating Two: “Down Memory Lane,” 8:00pm to close
$150 per person, 5-course pre-fixe menu; $60 for children ages 12 and under
Wine pairing available, but not included

There’s even a kids’ New Year’s Eve Party at the WA Kids Club in the hotel that night, so your little ones will be having their own fun at the same time if you choose to dine “grown-ups only.”

For more information or to book, call Manny Belete or Alexandria Herndon at 407-597-5414.

Thanks to Waldorf Astoria Orlando Food and Beverage Director, Chef Francis Metais, for giving us a sneak peek of this incredible dessert! Boy, are we glad to be partnered with you!


  1. Sally says

    Clever, clever … a glass of port as a sidekick, anyone?
    Their NYE menu sounds delish and somewhat reasonable $$$ compared to other offerings in the area.

  2. says

    Kelly and Griffin — Trust me; you’ll get over it after one bite :-)

    Brenda — I wish you guys could be there to try these!

    Sally — I agree; the cost is actually much lower than I expected it to be. Knowing the quality of the restaurant, I think people will be very pleased with the ROI on this meal.

  3. says

    I’m afraid I agree with some of the other comments – I can see that its clever, but I wouldn’t choose to eat it, it seems kind of gross.

  4. melissa sue says

    I would LOVE to experience this so you could live vicariously–the whole dinner sounds AMAZING, and especially for the price (although I’m becoming inured to Disney sticker shock, so everything else seems cheaper in comparison). So sad I won’t still be in WDW on NYE. :(

  5. says

    Heather, BritMick, and Carolyn — I can see your concern (we felt the same way), but I have to tell you — it’s worth it. These were out of this world :)

    Melissa Sue — OK, let’s start plotting how to get you there for New Year’s Eve!

  6. says

    Wow, those look really, really well made!

    I think the touch that makes it all is the Powdered Sugar that gives off the Cigar Ash look.

    The one thing that I’ve experienced though is that Fondant is really tasteless and just a decoration, so I’m glad they limited how much they used on it.

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