New Spice and Tea Exchange in Orlando’s Downtown Disney

More new stuff at Disney!

Well, more specifically, Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World. Without a whisper of notice, Mickey’s Pantry in Downtown Disney launched this incredible Spice and Tea Exchange, full of a wide variety of teas, sugars, salts, and more!

Spice and Tea Exchange in Downtown Disney

Tucked into a corner of Mickey’s Pantry, right next to Earl of Sandwich, the Spice and Tea Exchange looks like an old-fashioned general store and offers salts, sugars, teas, and spices loose and by the bag.

spice and tea exchange spice sampler


truffle sea salt

pinot noir and hawaiian red salts

hickory smoked and lime coconut salts

Sugar Wall


Tea Wall

Loose Tea

Custom Blends

Rice Varieties

Spice Rubs

The Spice and Tea Exchange also showcases interesting spice accessories like salt platters, Bolivian Rose Salt, a variety of grinders, and a Mexican Molcajete.

Salt Plate

Salt Plate Information (click for larger image)


Bolivian Rose Salt (click for larger image)

Mexican molcajete

There’s even a fun Kids Corner with games and activities to keep the little guys busy while you’re browsing!

Kids Corner

You’ll find this shop in the Marketplace section of Disney World’s Downtown Disney.

Have you been? Will you be going? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. says

    I went there today for the first time because I was SCREAMINGLY excited about their teas! I work for a large tea company and was looking forward to smelling their teas and seeing what they had to offer.
    I was over all disappointed! While the tea is loose, it is pre-packaged in cellophane which means the plastic will absorb the smell of the teas depending on how often the stock is rotated and such. The tea its self smelled funky. I smelled every jar and I was only excited about 2! It was kinda depressing from a tea stand point that the Cast Member who was manning the Tea and Spice corner wasn’t at all knowledgeable about the product other then how to make tea in a cup….
    While I know this location is new, I am kinda sad! I am a tea lover through and through! This could be so much more then it is… Tea is a nitch that Disney could fit well in to ( i will say that some of the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Teas in the black tins elsewhere on property look AMAZING) and could carve something better out then this shop.
    And just so people don’t think I am a snob, I smelled some of the sugars as well and Um EW! I smelled 6 different flavors before I just stopped…. something is just funky! LOL….

  2. John says

    Good thing I don’t care for tea that much. I’m excited about the salts (the spices are probably nice, but I have a Pensey’s nearby) (and if you don’t have a Pensey’s, I feel for ya). They don’t sell anything but kosher and sea, and the other varieties are an arm and a leg local. I need another suitcase now.

  3. says

    There would have been many years where this kind of thing wouldn’t have warranted a second glance, but I have to say I’m kinda excited about the salts in those gorgeous jars! I know how expensive similar salts are in our specialty stores so I can only imagine what Disney’s charging. Even with a cast member discount, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stomach it (not to mention the fast that we don’t even have a trip coming up!).

  4. Sarah says

    I checked it out last weekend and I loved it! I picked up a few items for Christmas gifts. I don’t drink tea, so my focus was on the salts and spices. There were several blends I would like to try out.

  5. Liz says

    I have to agree with John. We visited the store last month and there was some nice spices. However, when we went to Penzey’s later that day in nearby Winter Park it blew them away. Penzey’s has a much larger variety and is much less expensive.
    I will say that the Baker’s Secret and Pirate’s Bite are very good, but at $13 a pop i have to be careful how much I use :)

  6. Alan says

    Reading AJ’s article I was happy to see more effort by Disney to lift and modernize their food and beverage offerings in both retail and service. There have been so many new things in all areas and that it is so encouraging. Unfortunately, when I read the comments, it seems that the real research and product selections, as well as price, does not approach specialty retailer’s selections. It is like many of the new (and older) restaurants that are good but not quite there.

    So as Disney lovers, we can be happy for the effort but I think we should keep pressing for excellence.

  7. Sally says

    I’m not a tea drinker so can’t comment on the teas. I do however purchase there custom salts and sugars. The truffle salt is a great addition to mashed potatoes, meats … where ever you want the added hint of truffle. Their ginger sugar is delicious and very gingery. I use it on several dishes that contain apples and also sprinkled on cookies.

  8. says

    It was nice to see this while we were there. I had thought it been there for a while. Nice to see something there rather than the usual “stuff” like all the prepackage treats etc.

  9. says

    Has anyone used some of these yet. They seem a little over priced, but some items you may not find in the traditional supermarket.

  10. Griffin says

    This looks really cool! I’m excited to try out some of their salt varieties. I will add this to our must stops next trip :)

  11. says

    Carpaccio? Sashimi? You had me right there. I’m interested in a salt plate for sure, I wonder how much they run at Mickey’s Pantry?

    I know they have salt and sugar bars like this at some Whole Foods locations (I know the “mother ship” in Austin does). It’s nice to see Disney trying in this arena.

  12. Galloping Gourmand says

    I’m getting more interested in how salts are used in cooking. From what I know (which is little) the main difference is in the type of crystals and purity of the sodium chloride. Some salt is spiced or has additives in it, which I don’t understand because when you have food it should call for whatever spices you need. The recipe and type of food being served should also call for whatever kind of salt you need.

    That said, I’m dying to use a salt plate for some kind of salt crusted dish. If I was there I’d pick one up pronto.

  13. Heather says

    Ohh I had salmon cooked on a “salt bar” at the Queen Victoria room at V&A. They gifted us one and I’m dying to try it out at home!

  14. says

    I am taking my granddaughter out to Orlando this spring and will certainly put this on our list of places to visit. Thanks for posting this so we have a nice alternative to Mickey…not that I don’t like Mickey but always want to go back to tea!

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