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Disney Dining Photo Hunt

Every once in a while we like to mix it up here on the DFB and see how closely everyone’s paying attention when they’re roaming the parks, resorts, and shops in Disney World.

The following collage includes six photos that all have to do with Disney World restaurants or other locations that primarily sell food. How many of the locations can you name?

Be warned — people might start guessing locations in the comments, so don’t peek unless you have your guesses firmly in place :-)

Click the Collage to See The Larger Image

Good luck! Check in on tomorrow’s round-up to see the answers!

All photos copyright Disney Food Blog.


  1. Ryan says:

    Hmm, I have five pegged for sure and have written down my responses to see how close I wason the sixth tomorrow. Love the photo hunt!

  2. Sara says:

    Fun idea!! I have my guesses in mind…

  3. Kelly says:

    Okay…I have my guesses. I’m pretty confident on 2, 3, 5, & 6, but I’m not sure about 1 & 4!

  4. Tiffany says:

    I’m sure of 1,2,3 and have some guesses on 4 & 5. 6 is stumping me. Thanks for the challenge, it’s fun!

  5. Josh says:

    Cool! I hope this is going to be a weekly thing AJ!

    I’m pretty confident about all of the photos but number 6! ;)

  6. vanessa says:

    I am stumped by 1 and 4, but I’m pretty sure I recognise the other s !

  7. Heather Sievers says:

    FUN! Are these all WDW? I’ll put together a DL one if you want!

  8. Shayne says:

    I suck at these! The only one I recognize is #5. I must be so busy shoving food in my mouth that I don’t take the time to look around! :)

  9. Pudge the Fish says:

    I love these type of Disney photo puzzles AJ, and the food connection is a double bonus. I too hope that there are many more of these to come over the next few weeks.

  10. Vanessa says:

    WOW…I got #6 wrong thought for sure it was at GF Cafe….. I can’t believe I was stumped by # 1, I had the park right but tend to only eat at Yak n Yeti or Pizzafari, so missed it… and # 4 I have only been to once so have to look for that picture the next time I am there.

  11. Junebug says:

    I got three of them but missed restaurantosaurus, Via Napoli and Bistro de Paris even though I’ve eaten at all of those places.

  12. AJ says:

    Way to go Junebug and Vanessa! Thanks for sharing the ones that stumped you. I think I’m gonna be doing these more often (cause they’re just fun to put together)!

    How did everyone else do?

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