2011 Disney World Free Dining Pin Code Offers for Summer Dates Being Received

UPDATE 4-28-2011: Disney World Free Dining in August and September has been announced for Disney Visa cardholders. The General Public will be allowed to book this deal on May 2nd, 2011.

UPDATE: Just heard from a reader on the facebook page that codes are also being distributed for Fall dates.

Thanks to Erin Foster for the update that select guests (who have given DisneyWorld.com their email address for special offers) are receiving the chance to book free dining for arrivals most nights from 4/23–8/13/11 via email with a special one-time-use pin code.

Deluxe and Villa resort packages are being offered with the Standard Disney Dining Plan for free; Value and Moderate resort packages are being offered the Quick-Service Disney Dining Plan for free.

Guests must book by 4/30/11, and must use the pin code included in the email. Hopefully this will develop into a general public offer. We’ll keep you updated.


  1. Pudge the Fish says

    We can hope that this is an indication that something like this is coming for the general public, however there were just pin code room discounts for November/December that never materialized for the general public.

    There is a bit of controversary over pin codes because you do not automatically receive pin codes if you provide Disney with your email address, and you can not request to be added to the pin code mailing list.

  2. says

    Very good point. Just because you give your email address to Disney doesn’t mean you’ll get a pin code. Thanks, Pudge.

  3. Ray says

    Please clarify your dates and/or sources. I’m a bit panicky thinking that my family has already put a good portion of money down for our trip this summer and might lose out on hundreds of dollars worth of savings since we booked w/ the standard dining plan. Thank you.

  4. says

    Ray — Right now, the only options for booking free dining in 2011 are coming via what are called “pin codes” in individual emails to guests. If you’ve created a username and password on DisneyWorld.com and checked the box that allows them to send you special event information and offers, you may or may not receive a pin code offer from time to time. Some of these offers are for discounted rooms, and some of them are for discounted vacation packages. Right now, guests are reporting getting offers for free dining in 2011. The only specifics we have are what is being reported by our readers and elsewhere online. If you haven’t already signed up for a username and password and given Disney the authority to email you with special offers over on DisneyWorld.com, you may want to do that as a just-in-case option.

    Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an offer publicly announced for use by any guest. Again, right now, only those guests lucky enough to receive pin code offers in their email accounts are able to book free dining for 2011. Note: While a general offer for free dining in 2011 was offered last year, the date for general booking of 2011 free dining passed in December 2010.

  5. Pudge the Fish says

    Ray: IF you get a pin code or IF this offer becomes public and you are currently at a value or a moderate resort with the PLUS dining then you will get the QUICK plan portion for free and only pay the difference between the regular cost of the two plans. (Generally $11-$13 per adult and $0-$1 per child (ages 3-9) per night difference, depending on your travel dates.)

    You would also need to “give up” any previous discount that you may have (kids free, spring room discount, AAA, etc.) since Disney will not let you double-discount. Because there are so many scenarios you will need to look at your own individual situation. Maybe it will be a better deal, maybe not.

  6. Ray says

    We’re staying at a deluxe resort (Wilderness Lodge). We haven’t applied any discounts nor have we gotten a PIN since the box wasn’t checked on the account. Will know more in about 5min after speaking with an agent.

  7. Jim says

    I have received several pin codes in the past. For our trip in june at the Coronado, we booked the room discount. Someone told me to call Disney to see if there were any pin codes in my wifes or my name. Disney advised me I had a free dining pin code. It was booked and we saved over $300.00.

  8. Erin Foster says

    I was the one that passed the info on to AJ. I have a few different email addresses. One of them I use to conduct all my business with Disney: making ressies, booking dining, ordering from Disney Store, etc. I have NEVER gotten PIN codes sent to that email. They know I’m coming anyway and don’t have to entice me. I have a different, rarely used email address that I once used to make one meal reservation. I get PINs sent to that email wit some regularity. So, my advice, if you want to end up with PINs in your life, create a few email addresses and conduct just a teeny Disney transaction on each. Then see what happens.

  9. says

    Ray, definitely ask the Disney rep if there are any discounts that could be applied to your reservation. Also check Mousesavers.com to see if there are any discounts that could be useful. Usually there’s something out there that will knock a few bucks off of your booking. Don’t be afraid to purchase a discounted room-only reservation and add tickets and dining onto that. Also, you can always double check with a Disney-exclusive travel agent to be sure you’re not missing anything. (feel free to email me, I know a great agent who can help you — absolutely free)

  10. Ray says

    Update: Wow. Got one of these pins in the mail today. Going to check tomorrow with an agent to see if this can work in our favor. …Might be able to bump about $719 (3 people–5 nights) off the cost of trip since we didn’t book with any other discounts.

  11. Ray says

    Update #2: Couldn’t wait to call… Got on the phone right away with an agent. Less than 5 minutes later and we saved $1200.00 on all 8 nights. Pure awesomeness.

    Thanks so much for letting me know about these pins. Good luck to everyone else on planning their Disney World trips! :)

  12. James (Disneynorth) says

    Why the change for moderate resorts? Are they taking a new direction with the free dining plan?

  13. Alan says

    I second James (Disneynorth)’s comment. If those who stay in moderate resorts no longer get the table service meals – that’s a large part of the “discount” that has been taken away. At that point, it may pay to look at other discounts instead of the free dining package.

  14. Tim says

    First time going to WDW (my 5yr old princess is very excited!) and did not realize the opportunities for deals. We are going in late August, but booked the 2nd week of January ’11- so we missed the free meal deal by 3 weeks. We are staying @ a deluxe hotel. Do you have any insight or suggestions on how we can get that included? I see the ‘kids stay for free’ offer, but it looks like they can not have the ‘park hopper’ pass, so that’s out, right? WDW seems very helpful when we call, but from reviewing blogs it’s clear that you need to tell them about deals; instead of WDW offering. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  15. matt says

    hey tim
    if u call disney and tell them u booked your trip they are suppose to honor any deals they have at the dates u r going…at least i know thats how the free dining works

  16. matt says

    i got my free food offer in the regular mail this year
    never gave them my email
    i’ve had the free food 3 or 4 times
    its really really great
    it was better before though
    i did it the first couple of years it was offered
    you got more and tips were included..we eat 1500 worth of free disney food(what a deal…iwas spoiled)

  17. says

    Hi Tim — I wonder if you could upgrade the kids’ pass to park hopper when you’re at the parks? That’s definitely a possibility to ask about!

  18. Andrea says

    I received a free dining pin in the mail under a friend’s name, but at my address. I booked both trips for us in 2004. I wasn’t sure if I could use it, so I’ve been holding it for 2 months. I finally got the courage up to inquire with my agent and ended up saving my family $720 on my upcoming July trip. It’s always worth a try.

  19. Kelly says

    Has anyone received a free dining pin yet for the fall? I booked our trip for Dec, and we’ve gone the last 2 yrs and used the free dining then, however I’ve not received anything for this fall? Just the summer pin. I thought we would have had something by now, I’ve never gone to Disney and paid for food, and am hoping I don’t have to this time. Any insight would be helpful! Thanks all!! :)

  20. Bree D says

    Booked a trip for a family of 6. Staying at a moderate resort in June. Received the pin for free quick service at a moderate. Contacted my agent, and he says he hasn’t heard about this…and needs a contact number? Could someone please help? We are traveling with my inlaws who are on a tight budget, any and all discounts would be wonderful!
    Thanks so much!

  21. says

    Bree — Your agent can simply call 407-WDISNEY. Tell him to give the reservations person your resort reservation number and explain that you have received a pin code for free dining and relay it to the reservations person. They should be able to apply the discount no problem.

  22. Jeanie says

    We are going in mid October. Wondering if anyone has gotten any pin numbers for October or later. I have never gotten a pin before. I get disney destination emails monthly. I was wondering if the pins come from that email address. Also, wondering the likelihood of any discount (food, room, or package deal) for Oct 15-22. I have called before to ask about pin numbers being connected to my name or any of my family members. We have 10 people going and are paying rack room rates for our room, ticket, and dining plan. Would love a discount. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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