Analysis of Le Cellier’s New Dinner Menu (What Should I Order?)

The time has come. As we reported last August, Le Cellier is now a 2-credit, signature dining location for dinner.

And we finally have the menu! Now we can find out what we’re eating when we spend 2 Disney Dining Plan credits at Epcot’s Le Cellier Steakhouse at dinner time (lunch is still 1 credit)!

The veggie entree sounds great. But what are pea tendrils? I’ve posted the full menu at the bottom of this post, but first, let’s analyze what’s different…

Menu Analysis: What’s New and What’s Staying?

Appetizers have almost completely changed out. Remaining are the cheddar cheese soup (now priced at $9 versus the previous $6.99) and the Spicy Chicken and Chipotle Sausage with roasted corn polenta and sweet onion jam (now called “artisan” spicy chicken and chipotle sausage with roasted corn polenta and sweet onion jam, and priced at $12 instead of $9.99…that’s one pricey “artisan”).

Cheddar Cheese Soup

The steakhouse caesar salad is still around, but this time it costs $9 instead of $6.99, and it has pretzel croutons versus the sourdough croutons it sported in the past.

I’m LOVING the addition of the artisinal cheese plate, of course. And there’s honeycomb, which means I’m happy as a clam.

Entrees: The basics have stayed the same. The New York Strip is still there, but now costs $42 instead of $34.99; the salmon is now Pacific King Salmon instead of Walnut-crusted Salmon, and costs $34 versus the old $23.99; Mushroom Filet Mignon remains as the signature dish paired with mushroom risotto (yay!) at $41 versus the old $35.99; and a pork dish remains on the menu — a tenderloin for $32 versus the old chop for $23.99.

Mushroom Filet Mignon

The prime rib has been replaced with a rib-eye (YAY!), and a new veggie dish — Potato-Leek and Goat Cheese Quiche — takes over for the gnocchi.

The duck has moved down to the entrees from the appetizers — this time as a roasted duck breast and leg confit instead of meatballs — and Gooseberry Cod has joined the menu along with an interesting entree of Venison medallions.

Sides: Side items remain much the same as before, only with everything going up a buck or three in price.

Mac and Cheese is still there; I wonder if it’s the same as what we got in October. I’m sad to see the mushroom risotto move off of the side item menu, but I’m hoping they’ll still bring out a skillet of it for me.

Le Cellier Steakhouse Mac and Cheese

Cream cheese mashed potatoes have been replaced with truffle crushed potatoes, and the onion rings are gone. The sauteed spinach and creamed spinach gratinee dishes seem to have been merged into one “creamed spinach” dish.

Also, thanks to a reader email this morning (thanks Angela!), I hear the poutine is more authentic for dinner, with real cheese curds melted by gravy only — not the oven!! I can’t wait to try it.

Desserts: The maple creme brulee remains on the menu (which is a decent item and now priced at 8 bucks) as does the Semifreddo (blech.). The trio of chocolate at $10 will, I’m guessing, be as forgettable as most other “trio of dessert”s in other signature dining restaurants.

Maple Creme Brulee

I’ll probably stick with the new lemon cheesecake for my dessert, but I’m not optimistic. Seriously, when a restaurant becomes a signature location do they just phone it in on desserts? Why can’t we do spectacular things like ‘Ohana’s Bananas Foster Bread Pudding in these places? (Sorry; rare moment of frustration.)

I’m dining here in mid-March and can’t wait to give a full review with photos!

What do YOU think I should order?? Let me know in the comments below!

Black and Blue
Beef Steak Tartar

with a “Hot Spring Egg” and
Pommes Gaufrette 16.00

Artisan Spicy Chicken and
Chipotle Sausage

with Roasted Corn Polenta,
Sweet Onion Jam 12.00

Grilled Jumbo
Asparagus Gratinée

with Sauce Hollandaise, Canadian
Cheddar, and crunchy Bacon 11.00

Crab and Heirloom Apple Salad
Celeriac Remoulade, Lemon Oil,
Radishes, and Micro
Celery 14.00

Steakhouse Caesar Salad
Crisp Romaine Lettuce,
Aged Parmesan, and
Pretzel Croutons 9.00

Heirloom Tomato Salad
Macerated Red Onions, Minus “8”
Vinegar, and Smokey
Blue Cheese 12.00

Assortment of Artisanal Cheese
accompanied with Chef’s Selection
of Dried Fruits and Preserves 14.00

Canadian Cheddar
Cheese Soup

made with Moosehead Beer
and Bacon 9.00

“Le Cellier” Lobster
Chopped Salad

Mixed Field Greens, Haricot Verts,
Avocado, Tomatoes, and
“ Lake Meadows” Egg 16.00


“Le Cellier” Mushroom Filet Mignon
8 oz. Canadian AAA Beef Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom Risotto, White Truffle Butter Sauce,
and Micro Chervil 41.00
Argyle, Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley Oregon $11.00

Grilled Bone-In Rib-Eye
16-oz Bone-In Rib-Eye with Herb-Parmesan Potato
Wedges and Maple-Pink Peppercorn Butter 42.00
Clos la Coutale, Malbec, Cahors 9.00

Canadian “Prime” New York Strip
12-oz Strip Steak with Gruyère-Yukon Gold
Potato Gratin, wilted Spinach, and
Vin Rouge Reduction 42.00
Cadaretta, Syrah, Columbia Valley 15.00

Roasted Venison Medallions
with Celery Root Mousseline, Forest Mushrooms,
and Brussels Sprouts 37.00
Zin 91, Old Vine, California 9.00

Roasted Duck Breast and Leg Confit
with Cheddar-Bread Pudding, Swiss Chard,
and House-made Pepper Jelly 30.00
Chateau des Charmes,St. David’s Bench Merlot,
Niagara Peninsula 10.00

Seared Gooseberry Cod
with braised Oxtail Ravioli, Shiitake Mushroom,
Bok Choy, and fragrant Oxtail Consommé 33.00
Mission Hill, Sauvignon Blanc- Semillon, Okanagan Valley 13.00

Pacific King Salmon
with Parsnip Purée, Braised Greens,
Pickled Pearl Onions and Mustard Sauce 34.00
Helfrich, Pinot Gris, Alsace 9.00

Charred Pork Tenderloin
with Maple Polenta, Sautéed Pea Tendrils, Baby Corn,
and warm Bacon Vinaigrette 32.00
Van Duzer Estate, Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley 13.00

Potato-Leek and Goat Cheese Quiche
with melted Leeks, and Truffle Butter Sauce 23.00
King Estate, Pinot Gris, Oregon 10.00

“Poutine” Fries
Canadian Cheddar, Truffle Salt, and
Red Wine Reduction 8.00

Baked Macaroni & Cheese
with White Cheddar 7.00

Creamed Spinach
with Parmesan 7.00

Maple-glazed Rainbow Carrots
in Maple Butter 7.00

Truffle Crushed Potatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes, Truffle Oil,
European Butter 8.00

Sautéed Mushrooms
with Herb Butter 7.00

Trio of Chocolate
Canadian Club Chocolate Mousse,
Chocolate Sorbet, and warm
Chocolate-Almond Cake 10.00
Taylor Fladgate LBV Port, Portugal 11.00

Le Cellier Mont Blanc Semifreddo
Semi-frozen White Wine Sabayon with Chilled
Fruit Soup 9.00
Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc 11.00

Maple Crème Brûlée 8.00
Canadian Coffee

Lemon Cheesecake
with a Citrus Salad and
Mandarin Orange Gelèe
Washington Hills
Late Harvest Riesling 9.00

No Sugar Added Chocolate Mousse
with Wild Berry Compote and No Sugar
Added Raspberry Sorbet
Annabelle Merlot 9.00

Seasonal Sorbet 8.00

A R T I S A N A L C H E E S E S 12.00
Bandage-wrapped Cheddar
Fiscalini Farmstead of Modesto, CA, producer
of this traditional English-style Cheddar,
aged 30 months. Nutty and Creamy.
Paired with Pear Jam.

Smokey Oregon Blue
Award winning raw-milk Blue Cheese. Aged at
least 90 days in Roquefort-molded caves.
Paired with Walnut Brittle.

Woolrich Goat Brie
Woolrich Dairy from Ontario, Canada, produces
this rennet-free soft-ripened specialty.
Reminiscent of traditional farm-made, raw-milk
Brie. Paired with Honeycomb.

Petit Agour
Semi-hard French sheep’s-milk cheese, aged
for 5 months. Sweet, spicy, firm in texture.
Paired with Apple-Cranberry Chutney.


  1. choiski says

    Do the increased prices mean anything in terms of the actual food, or is it just a price increase to make the menu prices commensurate with the Signature Dining designation? In other words, are the portions any larger (or better) or is Disney simply raising prices on a popular restaurant?

  2. Heather says

    I just wanted to let everyone know that according to the Canadian Beef rating system AAA is the equivalent of “Choice” in the USA. It appears that Le Cellier is charging top prices for second grade steaks. In Canada the ratings are Prime, AAA, AA, and A. That equates to the US system of Prime, Choice and Select. I would never expect a top line steakhouse in the US to serve less than Prime cut steaks!

  3. says

    Im glad we will be tring to get a lunch ADR (we can book next week – yay) as the evening menu just looks like they have put prices up and still expect to serve the same food.

    Has the lunch menu changed at all? I cant find a revised menu if there is one… thanks!!

  4. says

    I never got the whole must-eat-at-Le-Cellier thing in the first place and I don’t see any changes here that would make it worthwhile, especially at a Signature Dining cost. Thanks for the info, AJ!

  5. Jeff from NJ says

    I’m desperately trying to maintain an, “open mind” about this as we’ve always cherished Le Cellier, but from what I’m reading so far, it certainly gives the impression that simply tweaking the menu a bit and upping the prices a few bucks here and there merits the change in designation to a Signature Restaurant. I could not disagree more.

    We’ve always believed that Le Cellier was slightly above a one Dining Plan credit, but not nearly as good as a Signature Restaurant. I sincerely hope that this is not a lame attempt to make it something it should not be.

    AJ – I anxiously await your full review!


  6. says

    Ooh…go for the new duck entree. I heard cheddar and bread pudding and I was sold! But, I also LOVE duck! Can you let me know if the chocolate moose dessert is still available? Last time I had it I had to ask for it special. Can’t wait to hear about your next trip there!

  7. Tana says

    I’m looking forward to your full review – we’re dining there in May after a great meal in October. Glad to see the chicken sausage app is there (was incredibly tasty in October) as well as the mushroom filet (husband eats filet at all but one Disney restaurant and said Le Cellier was one of the top). Have fun and make sure to come back with lots of info!

  8. says

    I went to Le Cellier for dinner once, thought it was really good, but have no earthly idea how it became such the phenomenon that it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but it’s not even the best steakhouse within a 15-minute walk of it’s location.

    I think this was Disney’s attempt to cut down on the high demand for the restaurant these days when ADR’s are at such a premium. If anything, they’re getting more bang of their buck until the trend dies down. As far as I’m concerned, as long as they’ll still serve me cheddar cheese soup and breadsticks to go for lunch, I’ll be happy keeping my eat-in visits few and far between.

  9. says

    Definitely looking forward to a report on the Poutine! I hope it is in fact more “authentic” unlike the ones I had back in October.

  10. says

    What Jeff from NJ said… :)

    I am fairly certain that *I* would still order the mushroom filet. I am not a salmon/duck/pork fan so I usually stick with the beef offerings. In the past, the other steaks were just too large for consumption by one person (can you say, “Death by Kansas City steak?”). The mushroom filet was/is perfectly sized.

    I suggest the artisanal cheese assortment but I suspect you’ll be having that one regardless! Can’t wait to hear all of the scoop!

  11. Kris says

    Holy Prices Batman! Seriously, prices raised by $8 to $10 on entrees? That’s quite a hike. And I can’t imagine the quality being that much better. I am glad we went back in January. We had a fantastic meal and really enjoyed ourselves; however, I don’t know I could pay those prices! And we have a family of 5. It could only be for a date night and only if they take the Tables in Wonderland card. Yikes! Well, at least I know how to make the Cheddar Cheese soup at home.

  12. says

    What happens to the lunch menu? I know it has remained at 1 dining credit, but has the menu changed as well? We have a late lunch reserved in August, I just couldn’t justify the 2 dining credits. Looking forward to reading your report ;o)

  13. Cait says

    I am very sad about the changes. It was one of our favorite places to go. The took the Coffee Rubbed Strip Steak off the menu and it was to die for.

  14. Tina says

    I need clarification from Heather’s post. Is all the meat AAA or AA at Le Cellier? I see on the menu the Beef Tenderloin is AAA which I’d assume is Premium. I’m wondering if they identified the Beef Tenderloin as AAA then the rest is a standard below. Does anyone know.?

  15. says

    Choiski — As far as I know, the dinner portion of the famous Le Cellier mushroom filet is 8 ounces — same as it was before. Can’t speak for the other dishes as I haven’t seen them yet.

    Heather — Thanks for the heads up!

    Nicola — Haven’t found an updated lunch menu, yet. Seems to be the same as before.

    Kimberly — You’re welcome! Personally, I love Le Cellier, but I can definitely see the angle that this new menu might not be worth the price. I’ll have subjective comments after I dine there, I’m sure. Who knows, maybe those fussy garnishes are worth $8? ;-)

    Janna and Jeff — I know. I hear ya. I’m feeling the same way, but am definitely going to keep an open mind, too. We’ve always loved Le Cellier.

    Christina — Cheddar bread pudding, for real! I saw that and my mouth started watering. Might have to order it a la carte if I don’t get the duck!

    Tana — Will do! I think I’ve had just about every filet mignon on property as well, and I agree that Le Cellier is top notch on this dish.

    NT3 — Thanks for your thoughts. I’d be interested to see how many people simply order the same dishes they would have ordered before…

    Michelle — Who knows; maybe they’ll bump it back down? That said, I think lunch there is pretty great, too, and now it’s SO much less expensive.

    Sarah — You KNOW I’ll be ordering that!

    Kris — Yep. I know what you mean. And good point on the Tables in Wonderland card; that’s going to help out quite a bit when we go.

    Jessica — As far as I know, lunch menu is the same :-)

    Cait — Yep — no more coffee-rubbed steak :-(

    Tina — Not sure on that one; hopefully someone here can help!

  16. melissa sue says

    It doesn’t look like very much has changed but the prices, which is frustrating to me.

    My one big problem is this: will anything change? If I want to pop in and just enjoy the cheese plate, am I going to need to make an ADR 180 days in advance??

    I’m loving the idea of Potato-Leek and Goat Cheese Quiche, but I guess I’ll hold off judgment until I start seeing some reviews.

  17. Brian says

    I’m not much on using 2 TS credits for a Signature meal, but that menu definitely isn’t worth 2 TS credits, IMHO.

    As far as paying out-of-pocket: Yikes!

    I think WDW is looking at it strictly from a supply-and-demand perspective. LeC is one of the toughest ADRs in WDW, so they’ll continue raising their prices until patrons reach their “squeal point” and demand drops. Hasn’t happened yet, so I expect prices to continue climbing without really improving quality.

  18. Liz says

    So they took the whiskey chocolate cake off the dinner menu? I still see it on the lunch menu. Odd…

  19. Sandra says

    Being a vegetarian who occasionally dabbles in fish, I would love to see someone order the veg-oriented dishes instead of steak. My husband would say “Try the duck and venison.” Lemon cheesecake – yes!

    Have to say at this point that the new prices mean it is a “never eat there again” place for us. I am even missing the old cafeteria-type set-up they had when we visited before our now 22 year old son was born: the maple pie was great! And we walked right in.

  20. Alan says

    Well, time and AJ will let us know whether this is a step-up in dining or just a price increase or both. What bothers me more is that if this change doesn’t diminish the popularity of this restaurant – which other popular places will follow it into 2TS land?

  21. says

    Looks like we’ll stick with going there for lunch with a Castmember’s discount, if at all. Maybe I’ve been away from WDW too long, but those prices are outrageous!

  22. Mark S. says

    To answer your request, here’s what I think you should order:
    Steakhouse Caesar Salad
    Truffle Crushed Potatoes
    Maple Creme Brulee
    Now that the business is out of the way, I’m literally gonna cry if I can’t get the Whiskey Chocolate Cake after dinner! For me, it’s just a perfect end to a great dining experience.
    I think Brian is correct about some of the reasons why Disney “upgraded” Le Cellier to a Signature Dining experience. My family is on the “must eat at LC every trip” side of the fence. I’ll eat at home a couple more days to save money for the trip, if that’s what it takes to get to eat at LC. Since we only get to WDW about once a year, a price increase like this is really not a game-changer as far as where we eat. Admittedly, LC is not the best Disney has to offer, perhaps not even in that park, but we always enjoy the evening and the staff in addition to a great meal. I personally feel these changes will make it a bit easier for us “diehards” to get a rezzie at LC when we are down there.
    AJ, I’m really glad you didn’t post this one day earlier; if I hadn’t made rib eyes at home last night, I’d be really jonesin’ for LC right now…..

  23. Pat says

    Just something to ponder. We are due to arrive on June 28th for our annual trip and I tried on the first eligible day to get reserves for any night at Le Cellier for dinner with no luck. I tried several times since then with the same result. I then tried yesterday just on a whim and lo and behold there were openings on most nights we were going. I have to wonder if there were a lot of cancellations when they changed to the new signature dining and people realized they were paying more for some of the same or similar dishes.

  24. Edmoe says

    Ouch! I expected a price increase but that was harsh. I do look forward to trying the Duck and Venison (two of my favorites). Is the Artisan Spicy Chicken and Chipotle Sausage with Roasted Corn Polenta the same thing they served during the Food and Wine Fest? If so I’m glad they kept it.

  25. Allison says

    Very disappointed in the price hike. Trying to justify the 2-TS credits with a price increase seems backwards to me. It doesn’t look like Le Cellier will be the must-experience restaurant for us anymore, and it all comes down to the price. :-(

    As for what you should order – I’ve gotta see the new poutine! It’s very intriguing.

  26. Teresa says

    Going to WDW in August. Tried to get ADR for lunch at Le Cellier as I was aware of the change to a Signature Dining Experience for dinner. I have never been to this restaurant and have heard great things about it. Unfortunately, everyone must have had the same lunch idea as me (taking advantage of a delicious meal for only 1 meal credit) because each afternoon was booked for the entire week we’ll be there! Oh well, maybe we’ll have better luck in 3 years when our family of 6 can afford to go to WDW again!

  27. Lisa says

    I think the concern about Le Cellier being the starting point for other popular restaurants to go to 2TS credits is probably unfounded.

    Way back when the dining plan first premiered, Le Cellier and Coral Reef were both 2TS locations, but they changed over within a fairly short time. Le Cellier has been one of the pricier 1 TS options and with its popularity and small size, I’m not surprised they’ve switched it back to 2TS.

    A lot at this point will depend on if it improves in quality with that increase in price – I’m not going to judge it until I start to see some reviews from those I trust, rather than simply looking at the menu and deciding that it’s not worth it anymore.

  28. says

    Well, there’s no point in suggesting an appetizer to you; I know you, you’re just going to get the cheese plate. :-) Personally, I’d go for the duck breast with cheddar bread pudding (very intriguing!) or the quiche (I love leeks). The desserts are incredibly uninspired, especially now that I’ve heard they used to have whiskey chocolate cake. It would be criminal to get rid of that, what are they thinking!

    Honestly, though, I’m appalled by how much they’ve jacked up the prices–especially for a restaurant without a view. I’ve never eaten there, and I’d really have to think long and hard about whether I would now.

  29. Galloping Gourmand says

    @Heather has a point about the beef being second grade, more or less, but keep in mind that “Prime” grade beef makes up only 2% of the US market. It’s sold only to the finest restaurants. Choice makes up just over 50% of the beef market. It is supermarket quality, but that’s what your are most likely to have at all but the best restaurants. There is no doubt that prime beef is wonderful. Fatty, succulent, and just about the best steak you will ever have and… ah heck I’m getting hungry! Where was I… oh yes… Choice is good as well if the buyer knows what cuts to get, selects the beef well, and seasons or sauces it right. Just keep in mind that it’s something you can toss on the grill in the backyard if you are just getting a plain steak.

    As for the new menu, I hope it’s wonderful. These prices are high but not out of line with your upper end steakhouses here in the New York/New England area (although those have prime grade). I’ve been a price hound here in the comments lately but this seems about right for the area of the country I’m from. I’d pay the two credits, but I wouldn’t pay cash. I guess that’s a mental thing as it’s about the same price when you work it out!

  30. says

    Having just eaten dinner at LeCellier (before the changes) and having paid out of pocket for the first time in 4 years, I was taken aback by the price increases. Our meal was excellent, as always, and I can understand the switch from one Dining Plan credit to two credits, but I can’t understand the price increases for items that are not changing. While the NY strip steak was near-to-perfect, it is not worth the $7 price increase to $42. It will make me seriously reconsider going to LeCellier for a meal on my next trip. However, I would still gladly go there only for dessert. That maple crème brûlée is one of my favorite desserts on Disney property.

  31. Joy4Tigger says

    I don’t do the dining plan so that it changed to a signature doesn’t impact me. However, I do eat vegetarian and I just cannot fathom that the Potato-Leek Goat Cheese Quiche is worth the $23. I guess if I was going with a group that wanted to go there I’d go but on my solo trips – forget it!

  32. says

    So we get to pick out your meals, now? How love this new Web 2.0 approach! :-P

    I’d go with the new crab and apple salad, for a crisp start to the meal. Also, I’m a huge celeriac / celery-root fan! (It amuses me to a weird extent that the menu uses both celeriac and celery-root. Don’t judge!)

    I’m immediately attracted to the Gooseberry cod with the braised oxtail ravioli with oxtail broth. ahem, sorry, Consommé! I think it would mix well together, but I really don’t care for either bok choi (tasteless, limp and boring) or shiitake mushrooms. So I’d maybe make pretty eyes to the waiter and appeal to our common Canadian heritage to try and get the celery root mousseline instead, to soak up the Consommé! :-) Plan B would be the duck… Cheddar bread pudding? House-made pepper Jelly? Yup, that’s what’s for dinner!

    My first choice for dessert would be the Semifreddo, or as you call it: Blech. So I’m wondering what has this poor, innocent dessert has done to you to deserve this? Do tell!

    And as a Canadian from the province of Québec, I’m really outraged by this cheese board. Across Canada, and particularly in Québec because of the French heritage, we have this huge cheese-making tradition. There should be an all Canadian cheese board.

    Oh, and you’ve got to try one of the famous Québec beers, form the delicate white Ale Blanche de Chambly to the spicy Fin du Monde, or the darker Trois Pistoles.

    I, personally, quite enjoyed asking for a Fin du Monde (meaning End of the World) to go and drinking it white watching Illuminations…

    Have a nice meal!

  33. ErwinM says

    $9 for the cheddar cheese soup is justified in that it’s got beer, milk, and broth. That’s alcohol and two mixers, so it’s a cocktail. :P

    I find it interesting that the cheese plate is not the most expensive appetizer. I just did some comparison shopping and at most Signature restaurants, the cheese plate (if offered) is either the most expensive or tied for it. You’ve got a couple where there is one appetizer more expensive, but not by much, and Narcoosee’s and Yachtsman both have two like Le Cellier. Narcoosee’s both involve seafood, and one of Yachtsman’s is a beef tartare.

    The instructive comparison here would be Le Cellier vs. Yachtsman. They’re now aiming for the same kind of dining experience.

    Oh, what to eat? The tomato salad, the cod, and the creme brulee.

  34. Angela says

    I went for lunch and the menu was the same as the old menu. In fact, I ordered poutine and my server wouldn’t let me have it! He knew I was canadian and said its not what I want and I won’t like it, and he wouldn’t serve it to fellow canadians haha. He did say the dinner poutine was really good, much fancier than the typical poutine, but much more like the authentic stuff than the lunch poutine. I wasn’t allowed to order it during lunch though :(

    I wonder if they would still let you order a side of the risotto, even if it’s not on the menu?

  35. Amphigorey says

    I’d really like to know if the Pacific King Salmon is wild-caught or farmed. Every other salmon dish at Walt Disney World is Atlantic salmon, which is farmed. Farmed salmon is a terrible choice, because it is unsustainable and very damaging to the ecosystem. Salmon farms must be placed in rivers – they aren’t self-contained – and so all the waste from the farm goes right into the river and severely damages native populations.

    Wild-caught Alaskan salmon is sustainable, and it’s recommended as a good choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. If Disney could transfer their salmon from farmed to wild-caught, that would really raise their sustainable seafood score.

  36. says

    I’m sad the prime rib is gone– that was the best item on the menu. We’ve done Le Cellier a few times and will probably not return. Since we rarely do DDP, the OOP cost is now too high. We could go to Shula’s for about the same.

  37. says

    Amphigorey – I can’t answer your question about the source of the salmon, but I can tell you that the salmon is lousy! My husband ordered it once and it was so bad he took only one bite. We NEVER send food back, but that salmon was totally inedible.

  38. Pat says

    First time using DDP, have reservations for LeCellier for dinner. Are the sides extra on the dining plan?
    I know it states an appetizer, entree, and dessert , but I noticed someone posted Truffle Crushed Potatoes.
    Thank you for your help.

  39. says

    Hi Pat — Anything outside of the standard appetizer, entree, and dessert will cost extra. The meal in this review was not purchased with the dining plan :-)

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