Review: Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner

Themed after a 1930 MGM film called Min and Bill, Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner offers Disney’s Hollywood Studios guests the chance to relax for a bit and sink their teeth into some pretty unusual menu items.


You’ll find this spot in the middle of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, nestled on the shores of the lagoon right between Hollywood and Vine and the American Idol attraction.

Shaped like cartoon-y boat “S.S. Down the Hatch,” Min and Bill’s recalls the ship-side location of the film it represents.

Min & Bill's Dockside Diner

Story of the Spot

Be sure to take some time to wander around the boat and check out the themeing. From fun cargo crates nearby (see if you can determine the significance of their shipping addresses!) to interesting advertising and sayings around the ship, it’s a cool way to spend a few minutes while a member of your party is waiting in line for food.


Umbrella-covered tables offer respite from the sun for hungry guests.



The menu has changed drastically here in the past few years, so everything comes with the disclaimer that it could change at any time. Right now, the dining location offers some very unique eats that you won’t find at any other Disney restaurant.

Menu -- click for larger image

On the menu are two sandwiches that look as though they’re built right into a baguette of sourdough bread — the chicken ceasar sandwich and the Italian sausage sandwich with peppers and onions. We ordered the frankfurter in a pretzel roll, which was served hot-dog style with the roll cut all the way down the middle.

Frankfurter Meal

The frankfurter, from what I can tell, is not the same version sold at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom. This one was a paler color and was not quite as delicious as those Casey’s hot dogs are.

Pretzel Bread Close Up

That said, the pretzel bread was great — and since this is one of just a few places to get pretzel bread on property, it’s well worth a purchase.

The chips served are the new Disney-brand chips, which are slightly thicker than the old Lays version (and probably not quite as tasty).

Chips Close Up


While the location doesn’t usually open until mid-morning or later (if it opens at all), it can be a great spot to kick back and relax while waiting for the Hollywood Studios parade to begin. The food is unique — something we have to reward as it’s more and more uncommon these days — and who doesn’t love pretzel bread!?

Have you sampled any of the newer menu items at Min and Bill’s? Let us know about your experience.


  1. says

    Kind of funny you would use that disclaimer at the end because my lone experience eating there was by happenstance when I was starving around 10:30/11am and nowhere else nearby was open to eat. Hot dog on a pretzel it was!

  2. says

    i haven’t had any of the food here but have had my fair share of beers! ;) actually, i wanted to point out the milkshakes they serve here. they are pre-made like at a fast food place. they are really thick and delicious and the chocolate reminds me of a frosty from wendy’s! definitely need a spoon for it! worth a try :)

  3. says

    We stopped by for a bite to eat one evening during out visit to the World in May. We were at Hollywood Studios for the evening “extra magic hours” and soon found out there aren’t many (this was the only one we found) counter service restaurants open after 6:00pm. With 2 very hungry little girls and no available ADRs we had no choice but to eat here :)
    First I should tell you that we were using the dining plan and this spot does not have a children’s menu offering so my girls (3 and 5) got to choose from the regular menu for their quick service credit! WOW you get a lot for your dining credit here!
    My husband and I had the Italian sausage and our girls had the frankfurter on pretzel bread. My husband loved his sausage sandwich. I thought it was good, but a little spicy (and not in the “hot Italian sausage way” as there appeared to be no paprika in it at all) but I was please with the amount of onions and green peppers they stuff into the bread with it. I only wish they had some marinara sauce to dip it into :) My girls ate their hot dogs and chips but forfeited the pretzel buns (they don’t usually eat hot dogs on a bun at home either) So I grabbed up a bun and some mustard and enjoyed! I think if we stop here for a bite again I’ll get the frankfurter. We all got a bottle of water as our beverage because our dining credit allowed for us to have a dessert too – which is milk shakes!
    Those shakes were enormous! They were more like slightly melty soft serve and you needed to eat them with a spoon. None of us were able to finish them sadly.

    Sorry for the lengthy review, I just wanted to share my experience :)

  4. says

    Here, it’s all about the Italian sausage! It’s Matt’s and my go-to quick meal. I hope they aren’t starting to serve all the sandwiches in a split roll though; it defeats the portability we’ve come to enjoy from the unique construction!

  5. says

    Wow, they changed them already? My wife and I ate there a few weeks ago (third weekend of SWW) and had the pretzel roll. That day, it was fully encased by the pretzel bread, just like the menu board. We were given the option, with or without spicy mustard. We went ahead and got with the spicy mustard, which was a mistake. The spicy mustard was already inside the roll with the frankfurter and because they were stored standing on end, all of the mustard had pooled at the bottom. We didn’t realize this until I took a bite and got nothing but spicy mustard.

    Other than the mustard issue, the frankfurter and bread were really good and we enjoyed the meal. Nice quick bite option, but I wonder if they will be going back and forth on the types of buns…

  6. Josh says

    We ate here the last week of June & we loved it. My aunt had the Italian Sausage, while the rest of us had the frankfurter. However, our frankfurters were served inside the pretzel roll, not like your picture.

    They were using a metal rod in the kitchen to “punch holes” in the rolls and add the frankfurter.


  7. Emily says

    I ordered the frankfurter in a pretzel roll as well, but it came just as it was pictured on the menu – INSIDE the pretzel roll. I’m guessing you getting yours hot dog style was just a fluke?

  8. says

    I’ve tried the sausage and peppers a few times from Min and Bill’s since this new menu came out. I’d label it as “okay”. I’ve felt like I’ve gotten better sausage and peppers at baseball games or from the stands at county fairs. It’s edible, but not something I’d go out and recommend trying per se.

    I’ll eat at Min and Bills when I need a quick meal and don’t want to deal with crowds, as there’s hardly a line here.

  9. says

    I will have to check this place out, especially if on the dining plan so I can get the milkshake as a dessert.

    Hopefully the roll was just a fluke and they are encasing the food. I love how portable that looks.

  10. says

    I’m not sure if they still have the extra milkshake flavors, but the cookies and cream one that they used to serve was a favorite of mine. Reading this blog brings back so many memories from when I worked at WDW and was at the parks all the time! :)

  11. Mandy says

    Love your blog! It’s so helpful with trip planning. I was looking specifically for a review of the frankfurter in the pretzel roll. Disney Food Blog to the rescue!

  12. D rob says

    Food was good but the service sucks! We waited in line 10+ mins and when we got to the counter they told us this line was closed and had to get in another line, at the back!!! Wtf!! If we knew it would be a 30+ min wait for hot dogs we would have eatin elsewhere. I give this place the finger for wasting our valuable park time. Food=C+ Service=F+U

  13. Katie says

    My sister loves the milkshakes here because they are huge and have a unique consistency. Also the chicken Ceasar salad in the baguette is one of the most unique things on Disney property. It is pretty good, the next time you review this place AJ, you should check it out!!

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