Reader Favorites: Disney Bed Time Snacks

We asked for your fave on-the-go breakfast options and received great suggestions. So we next wondered what snacks help you sleep after a fabulous vacation day!

DFB readers and Facebook Friends shared their Disney bedtime snacks via the Disney Food Blog Facebook page.

Gasparilla Bakery

Bedtime snacks that received the most shout-outs were Mickey Rice Krispie Treats, Popcorn and large bakery-style cookies. Honorable mentions go to Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches and Mickey Ice Cream Bars.

Mickey Rice Krispie Treat

According to our readers, you won’t be the only vacationer grabbing one of these chewy, gooey treats for your bedtime eats. Tammy K., Nicole O. and Liz D. are among the guests that savor these Krispies with marshmallow. Hey, there’s cereal in there right?! Rice Krispie treats are seen in all kinds of varieties including plain and dipped in chocolate.

Mickey Rice Krispie Treat

Stacey E. admits “I always have the resort fridge stocked with Mickey Rice Krispie treats…ears dipped in chocolate of course.”


Snacking on popcorn (preferably from a big bucket ;-)) was another bedtime snack highly recommended by Alicia B., Kristen B. and Brenda L. Popcorn can also be found in many flavor varieties such as cinnamon toast, caramel corn and cheddar cheese.

This treat is often enjoyed on the trip back to the resort according to Disney on Wheels: “Popcorn from Main Street, I like to eat it on the way back to the resort.”


Earl F. likes the “overly large sugar cookie.”You know the ones — they are round, huge and offered in several varieties such as chocolate chip and sugar. And the Mickey-shaped cookies are even better!”

Selma's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Elle A. likes the cookies too. And Linda F. says “The biggest cookie I can find at the resort food court…yum!”

Bed Time Snack Tips

We also received some great advice for making the best of your Disney Dining Plan meal credits or vacation dollars. James H. answered our bed time snack question with “What ever dessert is left over from the day’s quick service meal or table service meal.” Sounds good to us!

Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

Carolyn H. chimes in about the advantages of room service on the Disney Cruise Line, “When on the cruise we would call for room service and get fresh fruit and cheese.”

Thanks to everyone for sharing the snacks that bring on your sweet dreams at Disney! Stop by and read the rest of our Best Disney World Restaurants series for more reader favorites!

What’s YOUR favorite bed time snack while on a Disney vacation? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. canadianslovewdw says

    my fav bed time snack is fries with plastic cheese from the food court at pop centry

  2. John B says

    Usually by bed time I’ve eaten so much during the day that the thought of eating more is horrific!

  3. says

    Normally I just grab something boring like the pretzels or animal crackers. However, if we’ve already done the Make-Your-Own treat at Goofy’s, well, the pretzels are left aside for another day!

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