2011 Disneyland Candy Cane Dates

UPDATE: Thanks to our buddy Linda, we’ve learned that vouchers are still handed out at Candy Palace. You will receive a wrist band and a reminder paper about what time to pick up your Candy Cane.

UPDATE #2: More thanks to DFB friend, Corinne for the following info: I was lucky enough to get a candy cane on my first try!
We took advantage of the Magic Morning early entry: we were at security by 7:15, at the turnstiles by 7:30, and then the mad dash to the Candy Palace.  Here’s our experience: Many people had no idea why there was a line at the candy palace!  When the park opened at 8, I sent my husband ahead to get a place in line–that was a minor mistake…all of your party must be there to get in line, they will not allow people to join others already in line, so stay together. We received a wrist band a few minutes after 8, it had the date and “batch” time on it so we could return anytime after 9:30 am up until 4 pm.  We went about our day at Disney, and returned in the afternoon to watch them make the candy.  When we went in to purchase them, a cast member cut off the wrist band and kept it in a plastic bag so there was no potential to pass them around, I suppose.  I did talk her into cutting just the date and time from my wrist band so I could put it in the scrapbook!  We immediately took the candy canes back to our resort to avoid breakage.  Thanks to your blog I was able to do my homework and increase my chances to get a candy cane!

For the past week I’ve been calling Disneyland EVERY SINGLE DAY to try and get the scoop on this year’s candy cane making schedule. I even visited twice to ask in person to no avail.

I am excited to announce that I finally made some progress and that we are the FIRST to deliver the schedule and “rules” to you, our awesome DFB readers!

For those of you who don’t know about Disneyland’s hand made candy cane tradition, you can read all about the famous Disneyland Candy Canes here.

This year things are a bit different:

Disneyland Candy Cane Tickets/Vouchers

Tickets/Vouchers will be handed out at the entrance turnstiles at park opening; you no longer have to make the dash to the Candy Palace to get your ticket. This INCLUDES magic mornings, so if you are staying at the hotel and want candy canes on one of the scheduled dates listed below, you will have access to a voucher one hour before the general public.

Our Tickets

Once given a voucher, you will be entitled to purchase ONE candy cane at The Candy Palace on Main Street in Disneyland (last year it was two per person and they were $9.95 each). The Cast Member I spoke with did not have any pricing information for this year.

Although technically you aren’t supposed to line up early, people do, seriously early… You will have to wait at the security entrance prior to letting you near the main entrance gates.  As soon as you get through security, run like the wind!

Trimming the Edges

Disneyland Candy Cane Dates

Candy Cane making dates are currently scheduled for:

Wednesday, November 30th (9:00 park opening)

Friday, December 2nd (8:00am park opening)

Tuesday, December 6th (9:00am park opening, BUT Magic Morning hours at 8:00am)

Friday, December 9th (8:00am park opening)

Monday, December 12th (8:00am park opening)

Friday, December 16th (8:00am park opening) &

Wednesday, December 21st (8:00am park opening)

PLEASE NOTE that these dates are subject to change, additional dates may be added as well. I heard a rumor from a Marceline’s cast member that candy canes were also being made on Friday, November 25th (8:00am park opening), the day after Thanksgiving…

Here’s a little more info about this great tradition!

Click for larger image

Are you planning on doing the “Great Candy Cane Race” this year?

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. marcellina says

    that is so fun.. I hope they never take this tradition away from Disneyland! Yes, good luck to everyone trying to get candy canes!

  2. Laurie Smith says

    Note to self: avoid Disneyland on those mornings. Candy cane fanatics are worse that pin traders, doll collectors combined. Sharing is caring so save me a tiny sliver please.

  3. Heidi says

    Thanks for the info! We’ll be doing the race on Dec. 21st during our first Christmas trip to Disneyland…Wish us luck!

  4. says

    Nidia — Agreed!

    Diana — It’s truly a piece of Disney history.

    Savorique — Ha ha! I think it’s more about the beautiful, shiny new candy cane than anything else :-) You’re a good uncle!!

    Marci — Agreed that I hope they never stop this tradition. I hope I can get there to see them made someday!

    Laurie — Ha ha!

    Heidi — Good luck, my friend! Let us know how it goes!

  5. Galloping Gourmand says

    Wow. that’s impressive. I want to get one, hang it on the tree, keep it until the day the tree comes down, and then give myself a heck of a stomach ache from eating the whole thing.

  6. GromLVR says

    Who do I need to look for once I get to the turnstiles? This will be my first time trying to get a candy cane (after countless Christmas trips to Disneyland!).

  7. Erica says

    For those of us who cannot make it to Disneyland this Christmas, try to watch Guy Fieri’s Holiday special at Disneyland. It is from 2010, but I am sure they will play it again. In the show he goes behind the scenes for the candy canes and gingerbread houses! It is a great inside look for Disney fans!

  8. Brandy says

    Is the taste really worth all the trouble?? I mean, a candy cane is a candy cane is a candy cane right? I don’t think I’ve ever tasted one that tastes different than another, well except the wacky flavored ones. Now if they were dipped in a nice dark chocolate it might be worth sprinting with a double stroller for ; )

  9. says

    @GromLVR – If you have the voucher, you just need to go to the Candy Palace on Main Street to purchase. You can only purchase if you have a voucher.

    @Brandy – A warm candy cane “hot off the presses” is pretty amazing. Hard to explain, but definitely not your average candy cane!

  10. kailuagirl says

    We are there 2 of those days. I hope we can get at least one for my family!! Last year the line was too crazy and I didn’t want to waste valuable morning park time. Crossing fingers for vouchers this year!!!!

  11. says

    GG — Sigh. Sounds like the best Christmas ever!!!

    GromLVR — I’m understanding your question as asking where to get the actual voucher. I asked Heather if she has any idea :-)

    Erica — It’s a GREAT piece, isn’t it! I think I actually have it on the blog from last year… will have to go check!

    Brandy — I say get the candy cane and go home to dip it in dark chocolate! Then use it as a stirrer in hot chocolate!

    Kailuagirl — Good luck, good luck!!

  12. says

    @GromLVR – Sorry! I read the question wrong. The cast member I spoke with only said they were distributing the vouchers at the turnstiles this year. I will try and get more info for you soon! Last year vouchers were handed out at The Candy Palace which was a wild scene. Tons of people on a serious foot race to get there and snatch them up. I’m wondering if this is the reason why they are now distributing them at the turnstiles.

  13. GromLVR says

    No problem! I’m just worried about getting there and not knowing who to look for. Perhaps I should just follow the crowd ;) Were things this crazy pre-Guy Fieri? I hadn’t heard about the special candy canes until I saw his Disneyland Christmas show…

  14. Amy says

    So it is possible that people who do not have early entry may not have a shot at them, as the vouchers may get used up by people who have access to the Magic Morning early entrance?

  15. Leah says

    I’m going to DL this weekend so a bit too early to try and get one of these famous candy canes… but this is good info to have for future trips. Thanks for posting this!

  16. says

    Amy — If what we’ve heard is true and early entry guests will be able to pick up their vouchers first, there is a chance that they’ll sell out before regular entry guests can get any. AGain, this is subject to change.

    Leah — Have so much fun this weekend!

  17. Heather Sievers says

    @Amy – According to the schedule, only one f the dates has a “Magical Morning” early entrance for hotel guests. If we hear anything about schedule changes or other candy cane related news we will be sure and update you.

  18. Amy says

    Whew! I was so hoping that was the case. So I would assume that each opening turnstile will have x amount of vouchers. Do you think there is an age limit, or do you think my DD would be able to get a voucher as well as my DH and I? She has been saving her allowance to purchase one for her teacher.

  19. sue s says

    If you are lucky enough to get a voucher, do you have to go straight there and get your candy cane or can you get it later in the day?

  20. says

    @Sue S – Last year when we participated, “morning” and “afternoon” vouchers were given out, if you got the morning one, you could go pick them up from the first batch, which was being made at parks opening. The afternoon batch vouchers listed the return time.

  21. Heather says

    Thanks for the great info! I’ll be there on the 21st and am going to try and make it in time for a voucher!

  22. Sarah says

    Any news on whether or not this tradition is hitting Magic Kingdom in Disney World, Florida? Would be awesome…my Dad seriously needs one for his tree!

  23. Christopher says

    Really??? The 21st is the last day? I can not believe there is not a day closer to Christmas or even on Christmas day.

  24. says

    Sarah — It hasn’t ever happened in WDW, and no news this year on it starting up :-(

    Christopher — These dates are subject to change. Last year the dates included 12/24 and 12/29, so our fingers are crossed that they’ll be adding more dates!

  25. Jessica says

    I was wondering if you know if children who do not yet require a ticket to enter can get a ticket for a candy cane too. I will be going with my 2 1/2 year old first time going at this time and since they’re only giving out 1 per ticket now i was wondering if she can get a ticket too??

  26. Heather says

    @Jonny – When I went last year, the first batch was being made as we arrived. It’s amazing to watch the process. They sell them after they cool and are packaged. I think it was approximately 45-60 minutes.

  27. Josephine says

    Thank you for this awesome post on the candy canes! I’m interested in lining up for a candy cane, it’s on my bucket list. What time do people start arriving or would you guys suggest?

  28. Heather Sievers says

    @Josephine – There was a man there who lined up at 4:00am, I rolled in around 7:10 and was fine…

  29. says

    I am so excited cause I have wanted to get one for years and they never make them on the dates I am there but… As of right now my travel date is on that list! I really hope to be lucky enough to get one. *fingers crossed*

  30. Carol says

    Will they be made on Friday 11/25? Also, we did this last year — so I’m familiar with (1) running to get in line at the candy store, (2) waiting in that line for one hour before the vouchers were passed out (3) then returning later in the day with our vouchers to purchase the candycanes. So this year, is it true that we don’t have to do #1 and #2 . . . we just ask for the voucher at the turnstyle, then return later in the day to purchase the candy cane? No need to wait in line at all?

  31. Linda says

    Hi All,
    We made our way up Wednesday, Nov. 30. The park did not open until 9. Vouchers are still handed out at Candy Palace. You will recieve a wrist band and a reminder paper about what time to pick up your Candy Cane. (We were in on the second batch…..11:30 was our pick up time.) Each person can only get 1 candy cane this year. It is a crazy mad dash to get one. Get there EARLY. We were there 1 hour before the park opened. We waited at the secure check line to get in and at the gates where they scan your pass. Like I said….CRAZY!! Go straight to the Candy Palace to get in line for your wrist band. Good luck and be safe!!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  32. Heather Sievers says

    @Linda – Thanks so much for the update. They changed things up since I last spoke with a cast member! I hadn’t heard about the wristbands.

  33. says

    I was also a lucky one to get a cane! My friend and I did it to see how it was. I got a 11:30 wrist band as well, but I had to go to work that morning. They will hold onto your candy cane until 4 o’clock so don’t worry about “wasting” your disneyland experience in line. (Then again when the holidays start to pick up Disneyland is nothing but lines…) Hopefully if you have enough faith they will be able to produce enough canes you can get lucky like me. But good luck to everyone else! They will bubble wrap your cane, but take extra precautions… I wouldn’t take it on Indiana Jones. After a few novelty photos with our prized canes, we walked back to my car and put them safely away. Enjoy the fireworks, maybe get “snowed” on. I did see some kids in line, but they were further back… but my guess would be that they honor all ages who are in line within the limit.

  34. yellowfish78 says

    Just got a text a few minutes ago from my mom and aunt with a picture of their wristbands and candy cane fact sheet! They are so excited! Thanks for sharing so they were able to experience this! :-)

  35. Cassidy says

    im planning on going to disneyland tomorrow morning to try and get one of these candy canes. i tried on friday and they were already sold out :( i was underestimating some of these people! just wondering, if i ask for a voucher at the turnstyle when i walk in, is that the same as the wristband? and do i have to ask for a voucher? will i have to make my mad dash to candy palace if i get a voucher? and what time would you suggest i arrive to wait in line? anyone who could help me out i would really really appreciate it!

  36. says

    Cassidy, from what I understand, the mad dash is pretty necessary. Get the wristband. I would say arrive 30 mins to an hour before open, but heather would be a better judge. Good luck!!

  37. says

    @Cassidy – Sorry this comment is late, but AJ is right, you’ve got to be there early for the mad dash. Not 4:00am early, but for sure before park opening. Hope you got your candy cane!

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