New DFB Podcast Launched!

The brand new DFB Podcast has finally been launched!

Head on over to and click on the first episode post (the chocolate Mickey)! From there you can download the podcast or listen immediately.

My co-host on the show, Brad Johnson from WDW for Grown-ups, and I are excited to hear what you think! We plan to cover everything having to do with Disney Dining, from kids to grown-ups, theme parks to cruise line, and more. We’ll always be answering listener questions, so send yours to us with PODCAST in the subject line!

Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes or RSS. Do us a favor and rate and review the podcast in iTunes (if you liked it!) as that may make it easier for other Disney fans to find us!

There’s lots more to come! We look forward to your feedback as we keep on learning!


  1. says

    YAY!!! Congratulations on the launch!

    I loved it and really enjoyed how well the conversation moved along. And food talk always perks my ears up :)

  2. basiamouse says

    I am so excited for this! Listen to you on the other podcasts and am always hungry after!! :)

  3. says

    hooray!! I’m gonna listen to it hopefully this weekend while I take a nice walk or maybe while packing (we’re moving!)…. congrats … I’m sure this is going to be a successful podcast .. who doesn’t like to talk about Disney food? ;)

  4. Jennifer says

    Have been highly anticipating this since I first heard about it! I believe I’ve told you that now, AJ, here, on FB, and on WDW for Grown-ups, lol…Congrats and I can’t wait to listen to it!

  5. Julie says

    Loved the podcast AJ!! You and Brad did a great job and I really enjoyed listening while I walked on the treadmill :)
    Great tips and info….I can’t wait for more!!

  6. Eric says

    I really enjoyed the podcast. I take only 1 exception. Since I’m biased for DAK, I am always disheartened with the bias against DAK. I don’t understand how it’s a jaunt to hop a ferry to the Grand Floridian or Fort Wilderness but the 3 minute bus ride from DAK to Kidani Village for a great lunch at Sanaa was made to sound like a painstaking experience. I had to check to make sure I wasn’t listening to a WDW Today podcast :)

  7. says

    Marci — Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

    JoAnn — Thanks again, my friend! We both appreciate your support.

    Becca — Yay!!

    Mandy — Awesome!

    Matt — I know! FINALLY! ;-)

    Jennifer — Thanks for your support! Looking forward to hearing what you think.

    Julie — Yay! Treadmill walking while listening to Disney Foodiness!

    Eric — Ha ha! Oh NO, not THAT!! ;-) I think the bias is more against buses than against the AK. I personally love the AK and have no idea what those WDW Today people have against it. (And you could probably walk to Sanaa faster than you could walk to the McDonald’s now that I think about it.) Great point!

    Nate — Let us know! :-)

  8. ChrisUK says

    Hey guys LOVED episode one! I’ll definitely be subscribing. I’ve been reading the blog for ages, but now you can accompany me around the world (I’m a long haul flight attendant based in the UK) and I’ll never miss my food blog update again!!

    My next trip to The World is in October 2012 and I’m already poised with my ADR’s, there are some places I cannot wait to try. Now I can add Trails End to that list thanks to you guys!

    Keep this up, you just know that wherever in the world your listeners are listening from, we’re all just gonna love it!

  9. says

    Nate — Thanks as always for your great support of the blog! Hope to see you in WDW one of these days!

    ChrisUK — Wow, that’s awesome!!! I’m going to ask every Chris I meet on a plane from now on if he’s you. ;-D Thanks for subscribing!

  10. says

    Great podcast! Really enjoyed it and looking forward to more. Will have to catch up with you in the parks one of these days.

  11. Glen says

    Absolutly loved it can’t wait for the next one… Disney Food is the reason i go down every year my goal is to eat in all the restaraunts at some point …. I thought the conversation was smooth without any awkward pauses.. GREAT JOB!!! If you keep making them I will keep listening….

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