Dessert Menu Changes at Sanaa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Sanaa, the table-service restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village, features an African- and Indian-inspired menu, delicious food, and gorgeous savanna (read: Zebra! Giraffe!) views.

While many of us don’t need any further enticement to return to Sanaa, there’s a new dessert on the menu that looks delicious!

Check out the Banana Kulfi Sundae with warm chocolate sauce, strawberries, and spiced cashews for $5.49. Looks amazing, right? I hope I get to try it soon.

Sanaa Dessert

Dessert at Sanaa

Also note that the Chai Cream is no longer available as a single-serving option; however it remains part of the Dessert trio, which includes chocolate cake and tropical fruit kulfi for $6.99. Check out our review of this sampler here!

Dessert Sampler -- chocolate cake - Tropical Fruit Kulfi - Chai Cream

But you can always make your own Chai Cream at home! Just follow our DIY Disney Dining step by step recipe for Chai Cream here!

Thanks to AllEars.Net for this yummy news!


  1. Wendy Snelgrove says

    I’m willing to give this new dessert a try (it looks beautiful), but I’m sad about the loss of the full-size Chai Cream. It was absolutely wonderful.

  2. Amanda says

    My dad had the banana kulfi last week and really loved. He looked like he practically wanted to lick the plate. I had the trio, chai cream was delicious.

  3. Hillary Waldroop says

    No!! Not my Chai Cream! I hope enough people ask for it that it will return to the menu. I have no desire for the other item on the dessert trio.

  4. says

    Wendy — Agreed. That Chai Cream was outstanding, and I loved the large version — more is always better when it comes to that dessert!

    Kelly — I wonder if they’ll just give you a trio of Chai Cream… hmm…

    Amanda — Thank you for the review on the new dessert!! Awesome!

    Hillary — My fingers are crossed, too. Have you tried making it at home?

  5. Kim says

    How dare they put out another yummy looking dessert when i was planning on getting the trio in May. Lol. Now I am not sure. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

  6. Hillary Waldroop says

    AJ – I made the Chai Cream in December 2010 after Chef BigFatPanda posted his tutorial. It just wasn’t the same and no one else in my family cared for it. I haven’t tried again since the ingredients are fairly expensive, and my version wasn’t worth the calories.

  7. says

    Kim — Ha ha! Good luck with your decision!

    Hillary — Oh, I’m so sorry about that. :-( I do hope they’ll be able to get you a larger version of the dessert on your next visit to Sanaa.

  8. Margaret J says

    On Sunday the Chef recommended the Banana Kulfi Sundae to me and it’s wonderful. The banana ice cream is rich and has great flavor. Served on the side are lightly sweetened strawberries, a berry sauce and the spiced nuts which are unique and delicious. The decorative fan is a very thinly sliced dried pineapple held in place with whipped cream.

  9. Katie L says

    Why remove the large Chai Cream???? I was planning on having 2 on an upcoming trip….yummo!! I can see added another dessert but why take a way something that’s not broken?? I would get the trio, but I don’t what the other 2 items :( I hope they change their minds and bring it back.

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