Backstage Peek: Pixar Animation Studios’ “Cereal Bar”

Welcome back guest author Melissa M. from The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom. Melissa just returned from touring Pixar, and she was kind enough to share a backstage peek into one of the real reasons that Disney/Pixar is such a powerhouse — the Cereal Bar.

Last month, I found out that I was going to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to tour Pixar Studios in Emeryville, California to learn more about Pixar’s upcoming movie, Brave. I couldn’t wait to explore the Studios and started doing research on what I might see.

If you happen to own Toy Story 3, one of the bonus features is a short video entitled “Pixar’s Cereal Bar.”

In the video you’ll hear Pixar employees like Tia Kratter, Pete Doctor, and Andrew Stanton talking about the importance of cereal during a workday, and showing off an animated representation of how the Pixar Cereal Room fuels some of the best creative minds in the business!

The Cereal Bar!

The room is filled with a variety of cereals from Captain Crunch to Muesli and from Frosted Flakes to Granola. In addition to the many options of cereal, there was coffee, lots of milk, and baskets of fruit!

According to Pixar employees, this room is well-used and well-loved! They eat cereal everywhere — from the screening room to the meeting room — and even at their desks!

Cereal Bar

Here are a few of the cereal options the Pixar employees have to choose from every day:

I thought this was great, and it clearly is one of the best rooms at Pixar!

OK, so what’s your take on all of this? Would you love to have a free cereal bar at your office? What kind of cereal would you choose to fuel your own creativity?


  1. says

    That’s so funny! I love American cereals. They’re all so tasty and sugary and delicious. Alas, that means that they’re not exactly suitable for a Weightwatchers-following mum, sweet-toothed dad and growing baby, so we only have oatmeal and sultana bran at home.

    I remember having an induction day for a job and they told us that they were really into healthy options and slow-release energy, so we had muffins and smoothies provided all day. When I actually got to the office, it was the usual candy machines and coffee… Sneaky!

  2. says


    This is awesome!

    Cereal makes the world go ’round. Every day during college, I ate a bowl of cereal at the cafeteria instead of dessert. Now that I am older, I had to stop this practice lest I weigh 400 pounds! But a free, well stocked cereal bar at work? That might be enough to kick the habit back into gear.

    The way I figure, I would rotate between Lucky Charms, Crunch Berries and Cheerios (with strawberries, of course!). Halloween might call for Count Chocula, Franken Berry or Boo Berry (if we can find it) and I might throw some Cookie Crisp or Cinnamon Toast Crunch to fuel the creativity during other parts of the year. Obviously, it’s the sugar that fuels me!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. kirsty says

    Not all American Cereals are full of sugar, granted there are a lot of them, but we give our daughter cheerios and rice krispies, on vacation she can have fruit loops! I do think its a great idea to provide food, they probably work long hours!

  4. Carolyn says

    My favorite cereal is always Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I usually eat Raisin Bran though.

  5. Niki M says

    A.J., did they have assorted milks? almond, soy, hemp, rice, etc….? Otherwise it would be the saddest room in the place for someone lactose intolerant!

  6. says

    What was even more impressive to me was all the different types of milk they had in their enormous refrigerators. Whole to non-fat to lactaid to almond. It was a milky complement to everything else in the room!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. says

    Becca — Ha ha!! That’s not fair of them! Yeah, we’re pretty much an oatmeal and cheerios family here, too. I DO love my oatmeal!!

    Corey — That’s awesome! I love your “cereal calendar!” I think I’d have to mix some Cap’n Crunch in there if I had the chance!

    Kirsty — I think it’s a fun idea, too. Plus, mixing all those cereals has to be a good creative outlet, right?

    Carolyn — CTC, ftw!! ;-)

    Niki — Melissa mentions that they have lots of milk, and I think I saw a pic online of the fridge stocked with different kinds of milk. :-) Also, looks like Eric has answered your question in his comment! :-) Yay!

    Eric — That’s awesome! So you’ve been there? (Of course you have! ;-D) Would love to hear your take on the place!

  8. says

    AJ…. It is just wonderful. I am so grateful that I have been able to visit there. Here were some picts from my first visit: I’ve had the privilege to eat at the Luxo Café a couple of times and it is quite tasty. I will try to find my photos of that and share with you.

  9. Heather Sievers says

    We always have a cereal bar at our annual New Year’s Eve Pajama Party! Every sugar cereal you can imagine. It’s a hit with both the kids and adults.

  10. Emily says

    I worked in a kitchen at a girls camp and we had cereal dispensers. It was like heaven every morning “Do I want Marshmallow Mateys or Colossal Crunch Berry?”.

    I don’t know why cereal makes me so happy, but it does.

  11. Laura says

    Ooooooh I thought they ment like they branded their own cereal and made a bar out of it lol

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