Enter to Win Our “How Do You Use YOUR DFB Guide?” Contest!

Calling all readers and Disney food fans! It’s time for a contest!

Here at Disney Food Blog, we are all about helping you have the best dining experience possible when visiting Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. To help you with that, we have spent lots of time (and calories!!) researching and writing the most comprehensive Guides to Disney World eating on the planet.

The best part is: we get letters and emails from you all the time letting us know that the guides are helping you plan great vacations; and now, we want to hear from YOU about how you use them!

How Do YOU Use Your DFB Guide?

We’re giving away a free Disney Food Blog e-Book of your choice along with a special surprise gift! Want to be entered to win? Here’s how!

Enter to Win!
Just send us:

  1. A picture or video* showing how your family had a great Disney World visit because of the DFB Guides! Or a pic or video of you actually USING the DFB Guides to plan or enjoy your trip! :-)
  2. A sentence or two describing how your Guide was helpful during your planning process, or while you were in Disney World.

Send your entry to Contest@DisneyFoodBlog.com by June 10th, 2012, and you’ll be entered to win the DFB Guide of your choice, plus a special surprise gift!

And if you’re already the proud owner of all four Guides (Smart Cookie that you are!) and are chosen as the winner, then we’ll send you a coupon code for a future Disney Food Blog e-Book, FREE (plus the special surprise gift)!

Win Your Choice of any DFB Guide e-Book, plus a little something MORE!

What Will YOU Send?

Will your entry be a video of your family in the parks? Or will it be a picture of you with your DFB Guide on your iPad, poised to make those Dining Reservations at the 180-day mark? We want to see and hear about how YOU use your DFB Guides!

And don’t forget — the DFB Store is now open for business!

How have you used YOUR DFB Guide? Send in your creative answers by June 10th!

*Note, videos should be no more than 5 minutes long.

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