Dining in Disneyland: Hand Pulled Taffy at Trolley Treats

Newly opened Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure has a handful of signature items that I’m very excited about!

Trolly Treats on Buena Vista Street

One of them is this brightly striped, hand pulled taffy made on site in their very own candy kitchen!

This new signature line comes in four flavors (from left to right below): Lemon-Lime, Strawberry-Orange, Watermelon, & Raspberry Peach.

Hand Pulled Packaged Taffy

Taffy Flavors and Ingredients

When I heard that DCA would be making hand pulled taffy in the candy kitchen, I was actually picturing salt water taffy pieces; so when I saw these striped strips I was really surprised and a little less excited. 

My boys however were immediately attracted by the bright colors and flavor combinations. We went ahead and purchased two pieces to take home and try out: lemon lime and raspberry peach.

Our Take Home Treats

The first thing I noticed was that it was a pain in the (fill in the blank) to open and enjoy. The wax paper that it is backed on is nearly impossible to remove. So basically I allowed my children to eat some little scraps of paper. No biggie. 

I did manage to get most of it off, and while doing so I had to really bend and manipulate the strips of taffy, so it warmed up and got kind of melty and extra sticky.

Melty Taffy

The taffy was actually quite tasty. Both of my boys enjoyed the flavors, with lemon lime being their #1 choice. I preferred the raspberry peach. 

The texture was nice because it was easy to chew and didn’t get stuck in our teeth too horribly. At $3.95 a pop though, it’s not the most economical or filling treat on the block. I honestly thing that if given the choice, my boys would choose a churro over a slice of taffy.

I absolutely love the new candy kitchen over at Trolley Treats. The big windows allow you to see “what’s cookin.”   On one of our visits we were able to watch the cast members pull, prep and package the taffy.

Pulling and Cutting the Taffy

Prepping the Taffy for Packaging

Packaging the Taffy

I feel like the new hand pulled taffy is nostalgic type treat; it’s not something that I’d crave, necessarily, but it’s fun to get and try. 

Trolley Treats has done a great job adding some unique items to Disney California Adventure. We’ll be telling you all about about their hand made gourmet marshmallows real soon!

Have you visited Trolley Treats yet? Did you try the hand pulled taffy? What flavor are you most excited about???

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. says

    That is fun. Thanks for the review! It looks to be another Gluten Free option for potential future trips :) (though may not be safe from cross contamination in that kitchen?) Either way, very cute and I agree 100% about the windows. We stopped there to watch the candy being made last trip, and it was great to see the process. Nostalgic indeed.

  2. Heather Sievers says

    @Gaylin – For sure if you’re at home!

    @Laura – Good question about the cross contamination… Not sure about that.

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