Snack Series: Triple Blast Ice Pop in Disney Parks

Sometimes I get so caught up in reporting about the new and hard-to-find goodies that I forget about the standard stuff that you can find just about anywhere in Disney parks and resorts! So let’s remedy that here!

About a year ago I noticed that the Nestle Triple Blast was starting to replace Itzakadoozie pops on most Disney ice cream boards, and I’ve just now gotten around to trying one!

Triple Blast Takes Itzakadoozie's Spot on Bottom Right

The bars tout three fruit flavors — Wild Cherry, Awesome Orange, and Zesty Lemon. They’re built in layers, with lemon at the core, then a layer of orange, and everything’s topped off with cherry.

Triple Blast Packaging

I’ve always been a big fan of anything popsicle like — especially if there aren’t any weird flavors involved. Like grape. And watermelon. And green apple. Who wants green apple?! So I was all for trying one of these icy treats.

These are, frankly, pretty pricey for what you get ($3.50?!), but the power of a popsicle on a hot, hot July day in Disney World is quite strong for most kiddos, I’d imagine!

Triple Blast Pop

The pop is pretty much “as advertised.” The flavors are great — tart instead of too sweet, which I enjoyed. The cylindrical shape also makes them easier to eat than other ice pops on the list.

This is a good bet when it comes to icy, grab and go Disney treats (though I would probably still choose the frozen lemonade slush or a Kaki-Gori when available!).

Inside Triple Blast Pop

So what do you think? Are you an ice pop kind of person when you go to Disney World? How about your kids?

Let us know what you think about the ice pops in Disney World in the comments below!


  1. Bret says

    While it looks real good. It is the same price as a Mickey bar and that would be a tough call for most folks. I would choose the Banana but I would be open to give it a try.
    At Epcot I would skip it and get the Kaki Gori so much better and I can split it with my wife.

  2. Jessica says

    I love these, they kind of remind me of the lick-a-color popsicles I used to get when I was younger. Of course this kind is better because it only has the good flavors :)

  3. Essie says

    If I was very hot and thirsty, I would try one of these. I think it would be far more refreshing than regular creamy ice cream treats. And the flavors are good for me. I like lime, also, but like you said, “Who wants Green apple?” ;p Blah. Actually, I would go for a frozen strawberry bar with the real fruit in it, also.

  4. Amy says

    Personally, I’d rather have the Delicias pineapple, but I could see my daughter choosing the Triple Blast–the latter is a lot more colorful and fun. But depending on which park I was in, I’d rather go elsewhere to spend my snack credit on a Dole Whip! :)

  5. says

    Bret — I think the Kaki Gori is a definite must! Good call on the fact that this is the same price as the Mickey Bar, too! Agreed that it would be a difficult decision (or maybe not so difficult!).

    Jessica — Yeah!!! It DOES have good flavors!

    Essie — Ooo… I wish they had lime in here! Love those strawberry bars, too. And the pineapple!

    Amy — Dole Whips, for sure!

  6. Lisa says

    NOOOO!!! Have they completely replaced
    Itzakadoozies?!?!! They are my son’s favorite of all-time.
    He will be heartbroken to return to WDW and find them GONE!

  7. Greg says

    I totally agree with you, Heather!! I so miss the Itzakadoozies!!! These sorta help fill the void (and I get at least one every trip) but it’s just not the same. Bring back the Itz!!!!

  8. Andie d says

    My 4 year old has crazy allergies but can eat these. So, we are big fans. He’s good for at least one a day while we’re there.

    Normally, I’d choose something else, but these were fantastic when we were there in July. They were much more refreshing than anything else on the ice cream carts. I’m sure I’ll revert back to a premium bar in December, though!

  9. Gin says

    I don’t think I’d ever choose this over a Mickey bar, but my children liked these Triple Blast pops a lot–I think they got them more than once during our most recent visit.

  10. Ashly says

    When we were in WDW in march my 4 year old must have had about 6 of these! Everytime he saw the cart he wanted one. Of course they are so big he always ended up sharing. They are pretty tasty :)

  11. Phil says

    My 2 year old daughter loves them! I would rather her have one of these over chocolate covered ice-cream. It is a little pricey, but it is after all Disney.

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