What Disney Snack Are You?

We’ve all got our favorite Disney snacks, but have you ever wondered which one most closely matches YOUR personality?

Take our quiz to find out which Disney snack YOU are!


  1. Janet Sala says

    I think of myself as more of a frozen banana, but this has me pegged as a Premium Mickey Bar. I would agree that I was a Premium Mickey bar, back when they were OEM’d, custom, Dove Bars. I do miss those.

  2. DonnaW says

    Ha, ha! I got Disney Popcorn. “You love going to each and every park and exploring all there is to see, ride, and sample!” Totally true, DFB!

  3. says

    Got to agree with Janet, I love the frozen banana partly because they are good, but partly due to the fact that they are a little unusual out in the ‘regular’ world.
    The Mickey Premium is however the ultimate snack for me. In particular, I love the DANGER aspect of eating one on a hot summer’s day!

    Navigating carefully, it’s almost impossible to eat without a minor mishap, but ever so satisfying if you can defeat the race against the melt!
    No matter how hard you try, it always seems to be ‘the best bit’ that hurtles to the floor at an alarming pace!

    What seems more confusing is that MK’s Tomorrowland and AK’s Africa seem to be the ‘trickiest’ places in WDW to eat Mickey Premiums!

  4. Joel Emmett says

    You Are…Disney Popcorn!

    This Disney favorite treat can be found in all the parks, just like you! You love going to each and every park and exploring all there is to see, ride, and sample! Plus, you’re a good accompaniment for just about anything…and anyone!

  5. Valerie Saalsaa says

    It would be nice to see the personalities of each snack. I’ve taken the quiz several times, but have never come up with a turkey leg! I think I am a good mix between the popcorn and the Mickey ice cream bar.

  6. Dana says

    So I’m a turkey leg. “Your salty, savory nature keeps everyone guessing. What are you REALLY made of? You’ll never tell. ;-)”

    Okay, that’s exactly why I don’t eat turkey legs. But I really like the description as it pertains to me.

    I was hoping for spiced almonds though, because they’re my favorite thing ever. Little sweet, little spicy, and totally nuts.

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