News: Disney World Free Dining Plan Offer May Be Coming Soon

A Disney computer glitch shared dates for what MAY BE 2016 Free Dining Offers, according to

Free Dining is Always a Hit

Know About Free Dining Offers FIRST!

The dates to watch for are:

  • 8/23-10/1/16
  • 11/15-11/21/16
  • 11/26-11/28/16
  • 12/10-12/21/16

As noted THESE DATES ARE NOT CONFIRMED, they are the result of a computer glitch that has since been rectified. But they do align with our expectations for Free Dining timeframes this year, which we expect to be released later this month or early next month.

Stay tuned to DFB and the DFB Newsletter for firm news and all of the details about Free Disney Dining Plan Offers just as soon as we have them!

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  1. Bel says

    Why do they not align with last year’s dates … what happened to last week in October … and they completely missed the 2 week (8-14) in November too … ???

  2. Connie says

    The dates listed don’t surprise me. I visited in January and there was a bounce back offer for the December dates, which overlapped my next trip by one day (December 10). I do wonder if Disney will release room deals different from those listed above.

  3. Catherine says

    I don’t believe for a second this is due to a ‘computer glitch.’ I work in IT and to have something like this…and the ‘Rivers of Light Dining Packages’, and….. suddenly appear and then disappear just doesn’t happen accidentally. It takes a lot of work and people working together for these things to appear. I believe this is Disney’s new way of softly making announcements, getting the buzz going and then waiting until they’re ready for the full launch.

    They are doing similar things with the Post Visit surveys they are doing. What they survey about normally eventually becomes reality. Sadly I’m awaiting the announcement of Resort Fees.

    Until then….excited for the true release date of Fall Free Dining!

  4. Mark says

    We travel to Disney World during the 2nd week of October due to our kids having a fall break. When free dining is revealed, most of October is missing from their list. Why? I have heard that this is because of Canadian Thanksgiving. Is this true? Or is there another reason like the celebration of World Vegetarian Day?

  5. Tricia says

    They left off the last week in October… ok personally for this year as I’m not coming. Got a cruise for Nova Scotia planned. :) But hopefully they’ll add that week back for next year! I’m hoping to come for the opening of Avatar land (if it’s open by then) and the new Rivers of Light show, catching one of the last Halloween parties and hopefully one of the first Christmas parties with the Food & Wine Festival still going on. :)

  6. Lynne says

    Odd. Hoping for something on November 5. If not, looks like I’ll be changing my dates.

  7. Denise says

    If I am checking out on the 16th of Nov ( be there 8 days) but the deal dont start till the 15th do I still get the deal?

  8. Casey says

    These dates are for the UK. Strong rumor running rampant that US dates will be released later in April.

  9. Christie says

    Thanks! Love your blog! I have seen different dates listed for NOV (11-21, instead of 15-21). Can you comment on this discrepancy? Is this a typo?

  10. says

    Christie — These are the dates that were provided in the source information. We’ll keep you posted if anything official is announced. :-)

  11. says

    Barbara — You must book a package for everyone in your room to take advantage of a free dining offer, and normally, standard room rates apply. We’ll have more details when/if the deals are announced. Until then, you can get a sense of how free dining works from this post from 2015. Thanks for reading!

  12. Helen Lewis says

    I noticed that the first 2 weeks in November aren’t listed as well as the last week in October, what gives?

  13. Ida says

    I was thinking of coming the 3rd or 4th week of October. Wish that was part of the free dining plan.

  14. says

    Ida — Keep in mind that these dates are only rumoured dates. We’ll share official dates if/when they’re announced. Thanks for reading!

  15. Sue says

    We go the week of August 14. This is the second time free dining is a week after Our vacation. Disappointing to say the least. Would really be helpful to take advantage of free ding.

  16. Sandra says

    I think folks need to stop treating these date like gospel and recognize them for what they are: rumor and possibility. Could they have been released by mistake? Yes, they could, as we’ve had things prematurely put on our website at my work when someone loaded the wrong file. Are these likely to be accurate? No way to know unless or until firm dates are announced.

    As to why they leave off big chunks: free dining is used to fill rooms, just like any other discount. If rooms are filling at a good pace, or there are other things going on (and October has the Halloween parties and the Food & Wine Festival), then they are going to black out those dates.

    Like others, I am hoping for a free dining offer we can use. But other than the curiosity factor, I’m not taking these dates too seriously just yet.

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