News: 2017 Disney World Free Dining Offer for UK Residents; And Disney Dining Plan Changes for 2017

We have some VERY good news for our friends across the pond! The 2017 Walt Disney World Free Dining Offer is now available for United Kingdom Residents! When you book a selected Walt Disney World holiday, you’ll receive free dining for your family!!

We also have some interesting potential changes to the 2017 Disney Dining Plan — read on to find out!

Free Dining Details Graphic

Disney World Free Dining Deal For UK Residents in 2017

Disney is offering the Free Dining deal to United Kingdom residents, PLUS you’ll receive a $200 Disney Gift Card and Disney’s 14-Day Ultimate Ticket for the price of a 7-Day ticket. However you’ll need to book prior to July 7, 2016, for arrivals between January 1 – March 29, 2017 and April 17 – November 30, 2017.

If you stay at a selected Disney Hotel for a minimum of 5 nights with a ticket package, you’ll benefit in three ways:

1. FREE Disney Dining for your whole party throughout your entire stay at Walt Disney World.

2. FREE $200 Disney Spending Money.

3. Disney’s 14-Day Ultimate Ticket which includes unlimited entry to ALL six parks for a price of a Disney’s 7-Day Ultimate ticket.

This offer is available on participating Disney Moderate, Deluxe Villa or Deluxe Resort hotel stays with tickets.

Bookings must include 5 nights minimum stay at a Walt Disney World Hotel plus Disney’s 14 Day Ultimate Tickets for the whole party traveling to receive “14 day tickets for the price of 7” ticket offer, $200 Disney Spending Money per booking plus free Quick Service Dining Plan for participating Moderate Resort bookings and free Disney World Dining Plan for participating Deluxe Resort or select Deluxe Villa bookings. Guests staying at a participating Value Resort will receive Free Breakfast during their stay, valid for guests arriving January 1 – March 29, 2017 and April 17 – October 29, 2017.

Enjoy a Mickey Waffle during your holiday!

Enjoy a Mickey Waffle during your holiday!

To learn more about UK Resident deals, CLICK HERE!

2017 Disney Dining Plan Potential Changes

It seems today’s promotion release for UK Residents also revealed changes coming to the Disney Dining Plan in 2017!

According to the screenshot below from the United Kingdom Disney Holidays Free Dining promotion page, the Quick Service Dining Plan for 2017 will include:

  • Two Quick (Self) Service Meals
  • Two Snacks
  • One Refillable Resort Mug
Screenshot with 2017 Quick Service Dining Plan entitlements

Screenshot with 2017 Quick Service Dining Plan entitlements

Changes to the Quick Service Dining Plan are the inclusion of two snacks (as opposed to the current one snack); however, there is a rumor that the Quick Service meals will no longer include dessert.

According to the screenshot below from the United Kingdom Disney Holidays Free Dining promotion page, the Standard Dining Plan for 2017 will include:

  • One Table (Waiter) Service meal
  • One Quick (Self) Service Meal
  • Two Snacks
  • One Refillable Resort Mug
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.06.05 PM

Screenshot with 2017 Standard Dining Plan entitlements

Changes to the Standard Dining Plan are the inclusion of two snacks (as opposed to the current one snack); however, there is a rumor that the Quick Service meal will no longer include dessert (dessert will likely still be included with the Table Service meals).

Stay tuned to DFB and the DFB Newsletter for more details about Disney World Free Dining Offers!

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What do you think of the potential for changes coming to the Disney Dining Plan? Please let us know with a comment!

Many thanks to Victoria at for the heads up on these offerings and changes!


  1. Stephen Stocks says

    Hi is the 2016 free dining plan only available to US residents or is it available to the UK aswell

  2. Kirsty says

    Hmm interesting changes. Will have to wait & see if desserts are included. Mind you, I don’t think we will be booking for next year but I like to be informed anyway (just in case lol)!

    More importantly – what is the sandwich in the picture with the sweet potato fries? It looks awesome.

  3. Charity says

    Does this mean free dinning for US residents will be soon? What about last weeks rumored dates…maybe truly rumor? Hoping for more dates…end of October!

  4. Jean says

    Interesting (possible) dining plan changes! I think an entree + dessert/side is too much food at every meal. I’d much prefer a separate, additional snack credit. It seems like an even exchange on the standard plan, but unfortunately the QS plan is essentially losing a snack credit.

  5. Carolyn from the UK says

    Hello – I’m happily booked up now! I love the deals that we get in the UK, and we have all been eagerly awaiting the 21st of April for a while now.

    A week in the new-to-us Caribbean Beach in October 2017 is now all mine! Yay!

  6. Ann says

    I hope these proposed changes are true! I’d much rather have 2 snacks than a dessert at a meal b/c desserts for my family of 4 is just too much food!

  7. jennifer bennett says

    maybe you could offer something like this for Canadians, with the dollar being low it is holding many of us back from making a trip to Disney, a free offer would be a big help!

  8. Catherine says

    It will be interesting to see if these dining changes play out in the US and Canada too. For the past 5 years I’ve booked us Free Dining for the following year using the Bounce Back offer available during out September trip.

    The part that is jumping out at me is that Moderate resorts in the UK offer the Quick Service plan. In the past, moderate resorts (at least for the US and Canadian free dining promotions) have included the Disney Dining Plan and Quick Service plans were offered with Value resort packages. The UK offer says the value resorts include Free Breakfast only.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

    Like others, I like the option of a second snack knowing that the dessert option of a quick service meal might be going.

    Time will tell……

  9. Mike V says

    Very interesting that they would subtract the dessert after making the changes just this year that you can substitute a soup or salad for a dessert….

    Right??? Am I missing something here?

  10. Bridgette says

    I do not know if I would call it a rumor about the no dessert. If on that Disney UK site, you go to terms and conditions, it lists out what comes with a Quick Service Meal and what comes with a Waiter (Table) service meal. You will notice the lack of a dessert with the QS meal. It’s just an entree and beverage.

  11. Kristin says

    Question – IF this is the new dining plan does it mean those staying at value resorts won’t be offered free dining?

  12. Dave says

    Don’t forget, conversion from British Pound to US Dollar nets $1.43 US for every Pound. Throw in free dining, a 14 day pass for price of 7 and its a heckuva deal!

  13. Carolyn from the UK says

    Yes it is, and we also get a $200 gift card, a booklet of discount vouchers, 15% off an order at the Disney Store, and free Memory Maker too! It’s no wonder I have a face like the Cheshire Cat today!

  14. Michelle says

    Does anyone know if once the July date for this offer passes normal room offers/discounts will be offered? The “free” dining plan actually significantly increased our planned September 2017 trip to Port Orleans Riverside way out of budget! About a month ago with park tickets it was 17/1800 dollars for a week. Now with “free dining” it’s 1700 pounds! As we aren’t dining plan people this is an outrageous price increase.

  15. Marilyn says

    As an Annual Passholder and a DVC member, I am not happy with these changes. The Parks here are crowded enough as it is without offering free dining and other perks to UK residents. Whatever happened to charity begins at home. I am also a Disney stockholder and they will hear from me. I know American families who can’t afford to take their kids to Disney World. Walt would not have been happy either!

  16. Rosemarie says

    I don’t know about interesting! I’m not really interested in what the UK gets — what about the US? I’m rather disgruntled about all the blanket changes at Disneyworld this year. Since I already have my reservations, I’m going, but have a horrible feeling this could be my last visit…

  17. says

    Rosemarie — We always review comments by readers who are commenting for the first time before they are published, and we welcome both positive and negative comments that adhere to our policies. We normally try to review comments at least a couple of times each day, but sometimes we can’t respond immediately.

    Regarding your comment, yes, it’s true that there do seem to be a lot of changes lately that seem to be not setting well with some Disney fans. Regarding the post on the UK dining offer, we have many readers in the UK, so we like to let them know when there’s something of particular interest to them. We are watching closely for the announcement of a US Free Dining offer, and we’ll be sure to share as soon as we hear anything.

    Thanks so much for reading, and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  18. Jane says

    Just to reassure US and Canadian residents. The U.K. free dining deal has always (well recent years anyway) been QSDP at moderates and DDP at deluxe. This is not a change for us. Breakfast at values was a recent (last year if I remember correctly) addition. Previously there was no food included at a value in free dining periods. You need to remember the UK free dining period is basically the whole year minus Christmas and Easter so the offer is lower

  19. Nikki from the uk says

    To those annoyed at the offers we get in the UK, this isn’t new we get offered free dining most years but this is the first time I personally have seen free anything at a value resort. I also think you need to remember how much we spend on our holidays. We went last year, 2 adults and a 13 year old and it cost £6,000

  20. Nikki from the uk says

    I think in dollars it’s $8,600 and we only get quick service at moderates which I believe is what the US get at value resorts

  21. Siobhan says

    I don’t know why so many people are getting worked up about this. Free dining has been offered in the UK for years and always covers a much longer period than on the US site. It is a much more expensive holiday when you’re travelling for 2 or 3 weeks with transatlantic flights, and free dining helps Disney attract UK visitors who may otherwise be priced out of their hotels. Fwiw I am a DVC member and don’t disagree with free dining.
    It has been quick service at moderates for a few years now. That was certainly the case 3 years ago and US free dining didn’t change.

  22. Linda says

    I totally agree with Marilyn’s comments! Being a DVC member and stockholder myself, I do not see the fairness in constantly offering these free dining plans , (and now the $200 gift card etc) to the UK, Canada, and Brazil to lure them to Disney World!! It has become SO OVERCROWDED that US residents cannot enjoy WDW as much anymore!! We are wasting precious vacation time standing in lines for hours or racing around trying to get additional fast passes before they are no longer available for the day. Also, attempting to get reservations at restaurants and book villas are becoming more and more difficult too! Why can’t Disney management lure those who live outside of the United States to Euro Disney, Tokyo Disney, Shanghai etc .? Then, start offering US residents these great deals so more of our residents can afford to go to our own resorts more often!!! Why aren’t US residents the target customers for Disney World??

  23. Nikki from the uk says

    I think you just answered your own question, when you said how busy it is. Why would they discourage people who give them £ 6,000.00 just to get there, then factor in how much we spend in the stores for gifts etc over 2 weeks. Hard ticket events as we splurge as we may only get there every few years memory maker etc. Then loose more money by offering discounts just for the USA. Plus have you even been to Euro Disney ? if not dont, if it was any good believe me we would go back there and buy a small car with the money we could save by not going to disney world

  24. Renee P says

    In practice, this can already be done by exchanging the QS dessert for a snack so I guess they are making it official? I wonder if next year one can exchange a snack for a dessert? And I wonder if substituting the drink will still be allowed next year.

    And like a PP mentioned, I also noticed the QS plan is basically losing a snack credit. We plan to get the regular plan so it doesn’t effect us though.

  25. Nicky says

    Just for info, if you would like to book an offer not promoted to your country a cast member told me you just need to log into my Disney experience click on the country in the top right and change it to whichever country you are interested in and then do a holiday search … I found the USA offers cheaper for shorter stays under 10 days and the UK offers better for 14 night or more … Take a look :)

  26. Carey UK says

    What’s happening with the Disney Dining Plan and Character dining? Although it says that is still available a number of the restaurants that accepted 1 credit in 2016 have changed to N/A in 2017???

  27. says

    Carey — Often, Disney restaurants wait until the end of the year to re-announce their participation in the DDP. While we can’t guarantee they’ll all come back online, we’ve seen this year after year. If I were you, I’d go ahead and make the Advance Dining Reservations with the expectation that they’ll show as accepting the DDP by year’s end.

  28. keneka says

    when we booked our holiday we were told that the quick service meal credit (which has changed its name to self service for 2017) does not include desserts & thats why you are getting an extra snack credit a day instead – which works out better for us – not sure if this makes any difference to breakfast options(continental – pastry/drink/fruit)? also included in the 2017 deal for the UK is the Disney Memory Maker (worth $169.99/149.99) which in a previous year was instead of the $200 gift card – now you get both!

  29. Shelley says

    Just wondering if there’s any update on free dining for US residents for 2017?

  30. says

    Shelley — We haven’t heard anything yet, but stay tuned, and we’ll share as soon as any free dining deal details are available!

  31. Leila says

    Hello we are going to Disney world next October 2017, staying at Disney’s all star music resort and we are getting free breakfast meal for length of stay, cast member on the phone said something about not having to use credits for breakfast ? How does it all work?? :-)

  32. Sam Copping says

    Hello, I’m a UK resident. Have I missed the boat for free dining if we are considering our first trip to Disney this summer? Am I better off waiting until next summer (and so to qualify for free dining) or is it much of a muchness with the hotel discounts now on offer? Am feeling totally overwhelmed with the plethora of information out there….. all advice appreciated!

  33. Tina Beluga says

    I totally understand why Disney offers this to UK residents. They are a huge crowd drawing demographic. They come for longer periods of time and spend a lot of money on shopping. Disney wants the parks to be crowded. They don’t care if you don’t like the crowds. More crowds=more money for Disney. They don’t care who books the rooms as long as they are full. You can’t book the UK deal unless you are a UK resident with an address in the UK. You can’t just do it because you are logged into the UK site.

    The UK offer has always been CS at the moderates and basic at the Deluxe. However, the US deal is counter service at the values and then you can upgrade for a pretty reasonable price. If you are staying in the values,the “Free Dining” is a better deal on the USA side.

    I am American and reside in the UK so I watch both sites looking for the best deal. To book with the free dining with the UK special. you need to plan out way in advance for the most part. Right now I am booked for September but because I booked a month ago free dining was not an option. Right now the US deal is about the same as the UK. When you factor in the cost of airfare, it is highly improbable that you will spend less than your UK counterpart.

    I like the 2 snack credits instead of dessert. Many CS don’t have a huge dessert selection. Unless you are eating at a place like Be Our Guest or another CS place that offers gourmet desserts/cupcakes it is a much better value to have the snack credits. It will be nice to have the snack credits to use throughout the day rather than be forced to take the gross chocolate cake in in a bowl that is offered at places like Cosmic Rays and Columbia Harbour House. We always use all our snack credits.

  34. Anne says

    I have booked my reservations for 10 days for my family of 10 for the USA Disney World. I sure home we can get the free meals. We are staying at one of the value hotels. Are we better to change to a moderate hotel.

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