Review: Donald Duck Butt Cupcake from Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery

Fans of cupcakes have had a lot of eye candy lately here on DFB.

We loved spotlighting the yummy eats — including cupcake sundaes! — at the newly-opened Sprinkles in Disney Springs. And don’t forget the Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake, the latest creation from the Boardwalk Bakery.

But the recent creations from Contempo Cafe, including the Watermelon Cupcake and the unbelievable Churro Cupcake, have really wowed us.

Now those were all gorgeous and fun, but our most recent cupcake spotting comes from our old nostalgic favorite, the Main Street Bakery. Today, we’ve got the Donald Duck Butt Cupcake!

Donald Duck Butt Cupcake!

Donald Duck Butt Cupcake!

When I first saw this in the bakery case I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be. But when the Cast Member spotted me looking and said “it’s Donald Duck!” — I couldn’t help but laugh! And I think that is the entire point of this fun, must-be-Philharmagic-inspired cupcake! (You all remember the distinctly duck-butt end of Philharmagic, right? ;-D)

So, when it comes to components, this one is simple. The cake here is vanilla and the icing is delicious vanilla buttercream. Donald is made up of some white frosting and his cute feet are fondant. The water is made from blue sprinkles that are much more shimmery in person.

Donald Duck Butt

Donald Duck Butt

The flavors aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but they are classic and perfect for the less adventurous cupcake eaters. And I’m sure the little ones would get a kick out of a duck butt!

Donald Duck Butt Cupcake - Inside

Donald Duck Butt Cupcake – Inside

I’ve been loving all of the these new cupcakes! And even though this one may seem simple in comparison to the fun flavors we’ve been seeing, it is always nice coming back to a classic.

Plus, we are happy to see our favorite duck getting some Disney food love!

Will you be stopping by Main Street Bakery to try the Donald Duck Butt Cupcake? Please let us know in the comments!


  1. Essie says

    I like the artistic creatvity ‘behind’ this, butt I don’t think I’d eat one. I’d rather save my cupcake allowance for one with special flavors and a filling!

  2. Tony says

    do you cut that cross sections of food with a light saber? I could never get a knife to go through a cupcake that clean.

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