Mickey Beignets Now Available in Disney World!

Mickey-Shaped Beignets have been a signature Disneyland treat for ages. And while Disney World’s Port Orleans Resort — French Quarter has long served Beignets, they’ve always been of the more traditional pillow shape. But all that has changed TODAY…

Mickey-Shaped Beignet in Disney World!

Mickey-Shaped Beignet in Disney World!


Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Yep! Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory is now serving up Mickey-shaped Beignets!

Let’s check out what’s changed and what hasn’t. First things first: obviously, the Beignets now have Ears like our favorite Mouse :) .

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

But the abundant powdered sugar and golden-fried dough are the same.

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Inside, though, we noticed a change in the consistency. Where previously the Beignets were hollow, our Mickey-shaped Beignets were much thicker, and almost donut-like.

Mickey-Shaped Beignets

Inside Mickey-Shaped Beignets

That texture transitions into the taste, because these Beignets taste more like a donut. A very freshly made, yummy donut, mind you. But they aren’t airy and fluffy like before.

At least, that’s how it was with our batch today… as a brand new item, it’s possible they could be working out batch variances in the kitchen. I guess that means we’ll have to come back soon for more to find out for sure ;) .

Beignets are still served in your choice of three or six, but the prices have increased: $4.49 for 3 (previously $3.99) and $6.99 for 6 (from $5.49).

Sassagoula Floatworks Bakery Menu

Sassagoula Floatworks Bakery Menu

And guests with the Disney Dining Plan should note that the batch of 6 is no longer snack credit eligible (though the batch of 3 is). And Dipping Sauces are still up for grabs to add on in Caramel, Strawberry, or Chicory Coffee Ganache.

Beignet Dipping Sauces

Beignet Dipping Sauces

Once the menu switches over to lunch, you can still grab a Beignet Sundae…

Sassagoula Floatworks Bakery Lunch Menu

Sassagoula Floatworks Bakery Lunch Menu

But now it’s a Mickey-Shaped Beignet Sundae!

Mickey-Beignet Sundae

Mickey-Beignet Sundae

Three Mickey-shaped Beignets are topped with your choice of ice cream and sauce (vanilla ice cream with caramel for us!).

Mickey-shaped Beignet Sundae

Mickey-shaped Beignet Sundae

And most importantly, you can still enjoy eating your Beignets in the lovely Louisiana atmosphere!

Mickey-Shaped Beignet at Port Orleans

Mickey-Shaped Beignet at Port Orleans

So, what do you think of the change? Are you excited for your Port Orleans Beignets to be sporting Mickey’s ears?

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Will you be trying Mickey-Shaped Beignets on your next visit to Port Orleans Resort? Please let us know with a comment!

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Where to find Mickey Beignets in Walt Disney World!


  1. Mirandamidas says

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I never really loved the beignets as they were. I could never get my head around them being totally hollow. It always felt like the filling was missing! So I’m really excited to see them be more donut like. Fresh cooked Mickey shaped donut-style beignets will totally get me going back to POFQ!

  2. Jamie says

    We were at French Quarter in May and the regular beignets had that same consistency. Very tasty but heavier like a donut and not light and fluffy. I was little disappointed.

  3. WasteLessMama says

    Aw, I’m bummed that my snack credit will not be able to get me 6 of these beauties anymore, but I’m looking forward to tasting them nonetheless!

  4. Frenchie says

    In my family, beignets were always hollow. Crullers were a bit more dounut ‘ish. Even if we are not staying at Port Orleans, we make a trip over for the beignets.

  5. Janet says

    I’m actually a little bummed they aren’t hollow. I loved how light and airy they were. I’m staying there in August so looking forward to trying them out to compare.

  6. Tia says

    I was there yesterday, July 1st, the beignets were square and more like a donut. The gluten free were also square but still had that traditional hollow middle like a beignet should. I didn’t finish my regular ones because they tasted too doughy. I don’t think I will keep making the trip to Port Orleans just for beignets if this is how they are going to be. Hope it was just a bad batch. One of those rare times I’ve left a Disney restaurant deeply disappointed in a favorite long standing dish.

  7. Mary-Carole says

    This is really disappointing. My kids and I loved the beignets as they were, light, fluffy, hallow yumminess. These just look and sound like mickey shaped doughnuts,, not something worth traveling all the way to French Quarter for. And to change the price and not be able to get 6 for a snack credit makes it even less worth it. We had seriously been thinking of staying there next May with the lure of fresh beignets in the room when we’re getting ready for the day.

  8. Andrea says

    Would you say the taste is similar to the beignets at Disneyland? Those were my favorites!

  9. June says

    Being from south Louisiana, I have eaten and made my fair share of beignets. They are supposed to be pillowy and mostly hollow. When they are dense and solid, something went wrong. Those Mickey ones look awfully flat in the pictures. I would be willing to try one just to see what it like, but it certainly doesn’t look like Cafe du Monde beignets.

  10. says

    Yasssss! The only real question is…where is the chocolate dipping sauce?! (I know the coffee one will pretty much taste like chocolate, but still.)

  11. Nicole says

    When we were there last summer they were terrible. Hopefully these are a little better now. I agree that it is not really a beignet though.

  12. Steve Ciani says

    Really should have left us a choice between the new and the original which more closely resembles the real thing. I never got to try the lighter flakey one and now I never will. Pity.

  13. Andrea says

    Are they instead of the normal ones or as well as? I’m going to POFQ for the first time in September and was looking forward to trying the normal ones but these don’t appeal to me.

  14. Sam says

    Disappointing!!! I don’t want Biegnets that are Donuts! Very Bummed about all of this including the reduction in snack credit.

  15. says

    WHYYYYYYYYYYY ruin the best specialized treat they have?? These are not authentic if they are like a cake donut now. This is really a letdown. Will be messaging and tweeting them about it and suggest anyone else who loved the beignets do the same!! #bringbackthebeignets

  16. Teri says

    Why don’t they sell these at Sleepy Hollow too? POFQ is lovely, but if you are not staying there, you can’t get them ( or any beignets) anywhere else.

  17. Sally says

    We just stayed at POFQ the first week of May and the beignets were just as you described them above: thick in consistency like doughnuts. We noticed right away and loved them s o much more than when they were more hollow. Don’t know when they changed, but we were thrilled with the new and improved ones. Delicious!

  18. Penny says

    If I wanted the true French beignet, which is the hollow ones, not like the new donut cake ones, would I still be able to get it? I grew up eating the original in Upstate New York at the fireman field days during the summer.

  19. David says

    Is there a place inside one of the parks that sells beignets, not necessarily the Mickey beignets?

  20. Tammy says

    I’m from New Orleans and these are not beignets. Beignets are always hollow inside. They need to rename them donuts, because that’s what they are now. We always make a stop at POFQ just for beignets because it’s unique to Louisiana. Served this way, they’re just donuts, every state has those.

  21. DFB Sarah says

    Tammy, we hear you. Even though these are totally delicious, they’re definitely more doughnut than beignet now. Hopefully it’s just a day one aberration!

  22. DFB Sarah says

    David, there are not locations selling beignets in the parks — just at Port Orleans French Quarter.

  23. DFB Sarah says

    Penny, at present Port Orleans French Quarter is only showing the Mickey Beignets on the menu.

  24. DFB Sarah says

    Andrea, at present, only the Mickey Beignets are on the menu. But things change quickly in the World, so we’ll keep an eye on the menu to see if the originals return.

  25. DFB Sarah says

    Andrea, the flavor is still beignet-like, but the texture is very different.

  26. Steve and Nicole says

    These new beignets now mimic the exact same consistency as the ones sold in Disneyland Paris. When we ate these in Paris last month (they don’t do Mickey shaped), I was surprised that the inside wasn’t like the ones from Disneyland and Port Orleans. But they slice them in half lengthwise and fill them with your choice of caramel, chocolate, Nutella, or cream. And the Disneyland Paris beignets put the US Disney beignets to shame. I’m looking forward to trying these at Port Orleans in the fall!!

  27. Jean says

    I personally am very excited to try this new recipe!! I absolutely adore the Jazz Kitchen beignets at Downtown Disney, which are soft and doughy. The ones at POFQ have always struck me as dry, tough, and hollow. I’m looking forward to the change… Hopefully I’ll like them!

  28. Tricia says

    There are so many places to get donuts at Disney, why, why, why take away our beignets? Certainly not because of lack of popularity, the counter is always busy! These were always a must have during our trips (usually multiple times!) If they stay like this new donut they will sadly become a don’t bother. What a disappointment!

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